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Remember y'all that the author has a new manga that is currently being serialized. And finally somebody is translating it to English:

If you understand Spanish, that's even better -- there are 12 chapter out already:

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Pffftt these 2 get a doujin and still no kiss, they're hopeless xD

It's so frustrating. Just one kiss, please, then I can die without regrets

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Homusaki Shikibu
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cute n gay kiss kiss fall in love

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That was a good read. Still, 3 fucking years of kissing for them to realize they have romantic feelings for each other? That's beyond useless lesbians

They're both real airheads and in grade school emotionally. And now they're going to have to grow up, have sex, live as a couple, fight, pay bills ... it's all super scary, and moreover, they can't stop thinking about each other. Although the sex part is a relief to Yuu, who's seen Haruka's breasts as a goal for years.

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dy Yuu how dare you choose soba instead of Haruka!

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Tachi-sensei REALLY made up for lost time on the making out front in the extra chapters, that's for sure :P Haruka and Yuu can barely keep their hands off each other in all of them.

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A day where a new Sakura Trick chapter gets released can't be a completely bad day. I love that we're still getting new releases every now and then.

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Well, She sure moved in :D

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I feel like Tachi-sensei really wants to write a sakura trick sequel manga

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These bonuses always make me feel so happy, I am very attached to these characters. It would be really nice to have a sequel.

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I love all these little bonus chapters that give us a glimpse into their lives after school.

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Too short but, I'm still happy. Please more HaruYuu.

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Tachi is a saint for these extra chapters.

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This is probably sacrilege but I reread this this week and gosh does Sakura Trick make my head hurt. It feels like by the second half of the manga Yuu and Haruka never talk to each other about literally anything. Something will happen to make one or the other upset and then it never goes resolved, just returns to status quo unaddressed. Haruka's "special relationship" with Sumi, Kotone staying with Yuu, the "kissing friends" comment, Yuu changing her mind about going to university, Haruka deciding to follow her without actually consulting her.

Tachi has this infuriating habit of dropping some kind of bombshell at the end of a chapter, setting up a cliffhanger, and then skipping forward next chapter to keep you waiting for the resolution to the cliffhanger. But, like, it skips forward, and the issue gets mentioned again for a few panels 5 entire chapters later, and still doesn't get resolved. Then the last volume is like, haha whoops guess I better tie up the 50 loose ends that the entire manga now consists of all at once.

And the "kissing friends" thing, ugh. By that point they had already told each other they loved each other so many times. Yuu was mentioning multiple times that she was confirming that she loved Haruka the way her sister had meant when she confessed. Yuu agreed to a freaking wedding!! It's possible to gradually fall into a relationship without explicitly saying the words "will you go out with me", without putting a label on it, and it felt like that was happening the entire manga, which is a super refreshing thing to see in a yuri manga, only for it to regress at the very end for the sake of setting up a confession that had basically already happened through actions rather than words. And, like, it wasn't even necessary to the drama??? The drama still would have worked fine with Haruka and Yuu figuring out their future together when Yuu decided not to go to university with Haruka.

I don't think I've ever had such a love-hate relationship with a manga.

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ikr, it's all shit and giggles until you realise that even after that much chapter, Haruka was only on the "kissing friend" step. Tbh i thinkt hat too much kissing kill the meaning of kissing and it make the "kissing friend" at the end even more stupid than it was.

which is a super refreshing thing to see in a yuri manga

Someone didn't read Futaribeya

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This was bothering me so much I had go back and break down exactly why the drama got on my nerves so badly.

Vol4 Ch3 - Haruka starts her "special relationship" with Sumi.
Vol5 Ch3 - A volume later, Mitsuki discovers that Haruka is "going behind Yuu's back"
Vol5 Ch4 - Mitsuki tells Yuu that something is going on between Haruka and Sumi. Yuu gets jealous.
Vol5 Ch9 - After five chapters of status quo with Yuu not acting jealous at all, she finally remembers she's supposed to be upset right now and confronts Haruka: "you're hiding something from me, aren't you?". They're conveniently interrupted. Cue end-of-volume cliffhanger.
Vol6 Ch1 - Rather than continuing where the cliffhanger left off, the previous conversation is forgotten as though it never happened, and it's a new day. After 10 pages of acting upset, without any context whatsoever, Yuu tells Haruka: "I... I'll wait until you're ready to tell me your secret." Yuu kisses her, and the subject is then dropped and never mentioned again.

So, like, Haruka was worried she was being unfaithful, but she convinced herself Yuu would do the same thing to help out a friend. It was never something she had intentionally decided to hide from Yuu. And then, several chapters after finding out, Yuu finally confronts her, only... Yuu never mentions Sumi, at any point. Haruka has no idea what she's talking about, and the second time that Yuu brings up her "secret" Haruka never responds. They aren't even interrupted this time, there's literally just three panels of no text afterwards before cutting away. We never see Haruka's thoughts on any of this after the first time Sumi propositioned her.

I know "manga characters are aliens that are incapable of human communication" is the bog-standard, go-to way to artificially draw out drama in romance manga of all flavours, but this is headdesk-inducing, one of the most frustrating examples I've ever seen. And this kind of thing just keeps happening again and again throughout the manga... I loved all the sweet moments and self-contained chapters where some small insecurity about their relationship popped up and was properly resolved by the end of the chapter, but the bigger drama arcs between Haruka and Yuu were so poorly handled. I remember being annoyed by this when reading along with the releases but I originally put it down to the the usual pain of having months between chapters, but no, it was actually just written that badly.

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the 'ill just have to eat you up' straightforwardness kinda stopped me ded in my tracks

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Love that all this time after the manga ended, there's still the odd extra chapter coming out. Don't think I'll ever get enough of it.

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Yu played right into Haruka's plan here.
Haruka come along way from being a useless lesbian

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Haruka being perpetually horny while Yuu is the innocent one is just such a perfect dynamic

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At this point we really should get a sakura trick+

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The extra chapters are all quite ecchi. These two have certainly grown up !

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I'm a filthy casual who watched the anime in 2014 but I jumped straight into this extra chapter. Well, good to know they progressed after all this time. XD

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