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The title of this manga is so accurate and precise and truthful and authoritative and perfect.

Only 3 chapters so far and I'm already full with the feeling that the stupid worthless boy who is macking on Aikawa shall DIE.

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RandomFanZ: great summary of the plot so far! :) Really detailed too. Wow!

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She looks exactly like a woman dressed up in a prince's outfit.

Strange. To me, she seemed taller and with a more masculine body shape.
For now, and while waiting for clarification in further chapters, I'm on the side of those who think she used body alteration magic.

It would in fact be a very original premise for a yuri manga, an almost unheard of development that I'd love to see: a main character who can turn herself into a real man, a strapping ikemen with a male body, a d*ck and everything. Now that is something that would make her girlfriend sexually confused as all hell, lmao.

Either that, or she would squee in delight: "YAAAY!!! I hit the bisexual jackpot!!!!!!"

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For the last 4 or 5 pages of the thread, Moglius has been nonstop posting walls of text to say that cheating is wrong. But their last messages on this page are very judgmental and rude and look like they're projecting personal issues on other commenters.

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I feel like most of the people in this comment section either skimmed through the manga or just skipped straight to the latest chapter.
Yes, they have sex. Yuni thinks about three distinct times they did it, literally in chapter 2.

You're talking about page 20, right? when Fuuko asks Yuni about sex with Nanase, and Yuni pictures herself and Nanase having sex during 3 panels.
I always thought it was a fantasy. Like Yuni went "Eh? Me and Nanase, have sex?" and then imagined for a few seconds what it would be like. But let's assume I'm wrong and it was a memory.
It doesn't look at all like she's thinking about three distinct times; more like it's a sequence of 3 scenes of the same roll in the hay. And it's certainly a memory from a while ago (since Yuni has been frustrated for some time when the manga starts) and we know for a fact that in the following 4 or 5 months nothing at all happens between Yuni and Nanase. So even if that part in page 20 was a memory and not a fantasy, it means they've had sex once (prolly when they became a couple) and then zilch for half a year. The case about Nanase having no real interest in Yuni's body still stands strong.

You guys should probably catch up with the missing chapters 10 to 15 on mangadex, because i really feel like most people here are talking without having read the entire manga lmao

Chapters 10 to 15 are clearly a big development arc in the manga. It starts with Yuni and Fuuko bonking at the Osaka hotel (btw a sex encounter totally initiated by Yuni). Then the story goes through many important moments between different characters (my favorite is when Yuni starts crying in Fuuko's arms, complaining about Nanase, and finishes with the words "I hate that bitch...") and it all leads to the final scene in chapter 15, the climactic stairs scene. In this scene Fuuko for the first time plays hardball with Yuni and talks about stopping their affair; Yuni panics and realizes she has come to need Fuuko so much she can't stand the idea of not having her; and then, as Yuni kisses Fuuko, Nanase discovers them.

I agree these are very important chapters both for the plot and the characters' development. But I'm not sure if any of this adds any data to the matter of Nanase's interest in sex with Yuni?

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Seriously, why does she even bother going out with another girl if she's going to treat her like a casual friend who isn't really too close? If I didn't know that this is yuri, I'd think that the big reveal at the end of the manga will be that Nanase is straight and needs a boyfriend.

Interesting take. There are many, many yuri stories where a couple is going out but tries to keep their love secret... and in ALL OF THEM one of the main plot devices is how they have to resort to all sorts of tricks to do what they desperately want: find chances to be alone, go on dates and have sex! If one of the girls has a large friend circle (like Nanase) it's common that the friends quickly start suspecting something odd is going on, because this girl is always leaving early and her excuses are always half-assed. It's quite extraordinary that a character in Nanase's position, who just got herself a girlfriend, doesn't change her daily routine in the least and doesn't even try to make extra time for her lover.

Nanase's disinterest in Yuni is very sus. That's not how a teenager who started going out with a cute girlfriend should behave. No wonder Yuni feels better around Fuuko who obviously has the raging hots for her!

In a film, if a guy treats her girlfriend like Nanase does to Yuni, in the end he would inevitably be revealed to be impotent or gay.

Dude, people cheating when they're neglected happens all the time. You seem to live in a world where people's actions are absolutely governed by logic. That's not the real world. In the real world people do illogical shit for very little reasons all the time.

I'd even argue that it's reasonably logical to find another lover when you're just the beard of your official partner.
(Hah, I guess beard is likely not the best term for this, but it really seems Nanase got herself a girlfriend just to pretend she's a yurigirl and belongs in this manga-when in reality she has no interest in f/f sex..)

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And that's all I had to say. This story sucks, but let see to what disapointing end this will take us. Till there, I'm out.

He said, and then wrote another huge wall of tl;dr... XD

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The author doesn't seem to understand how prostitution works.
(Either that or they don't care and write whatever just for the laughs.)

When the customer is a man, two ichigos (30 thousand yen) buy him one ejaculation. As soon as he comes once, it's over. When the customer is a woman, there's a set period of time (one hour, two hours, all the night, etc.) and when the time's over the sex worker is done with her job and leaves.

There's no such a thing as two ichigos buying you an all-you-can-fuck buffet.

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Excuse me for this naive question, but... these girls are Kyou and Mion, right?
Who the eff is Daisy??

I asked myself the same question.

Perhaps Kyouko and Mion will live happily ever after—but at some point, after their marriage, they will adopt a doggie named Daisy who will later die and this explains the title?
(crosses fingers)

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I don't get the "15 minutes" discussion. There's still 15 minutes for what?

I thought Serina's 'You're too late!' meant late in abstract, but could it be she was referring to a concrete time period?

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Holy shit, the dynamic between these two will be fun to follow, especially if we keep seeing both their perspectives, LOL

You missed a good one, Daphie!

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Nobody mentioned it yet which is curious because I think it's an important point: after being dumped by Midori, the first thing BF-san did was grab his phone and call his (many) lovers to come to his side and comfort him by means of wild sex.

Too bad for him that the girl who was with him at the bar (when Kyouko snapped) has obviously spread the juicy gossip around; and all his cheating partners sensibly decided to stay clear from the awful break-up mess going on.

Two explanations.
Either those women who are his occasional sex partners are in it for the fun of it and don't have time for him when he's a sobbing mess and majorly unfun...
Or they saw him as a super macho alpha man who cheats as much as he wants without consequences—bcs his steady knows he's too manly for just one woman—and the breakup scene at the bar totally ruined that image forever.

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Diana looks like she wants to straight up kill them for touching Natori.

Diana is ready to start hurling killer spells. She's about to become the bad guy of the incident, the one who shot first!

Han Solo shot first and he's not the bad guy.

Next chapter, the prince shows up to save the two conceited bitches who were attacked out of nowhere by a murderous Diana. And after that, according to game logic, the prince falls in love with the two conceited bitches!
No wait a moment... let me rethink that...

No actually that's fine, I'm all for that! Get that piece of shit prince out of the hair of Lapis, Diana and Natalie.

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I haven't been reading shounen romcoms for some time and so I'm wondering: are aquarium dates as common in boy x girl stories as in yuri?

Or has the aquarium date become a defining staple of the yuri genre?

It would be funny if it had. In the future, when some girl who likes cute fishies tells to her friends that she wants to go to the aquarium, the others would go OH NO R U LEZ??? lol

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Mou Ippon episode 11... There's simply no non-yuri explanation for Inui-sensei.

They're super friends.

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Welp, this comment needs to keep on going so that it'll refresh the series for me when it comes back

Speaking of refresh, anyone remembers the name of that girl who is Youzi's classmate and friend? This one:

I'm sure she'll be Youzi's romantic interest at some point. <3

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akane is way too weak to being hit on by younger girls... she is living life on the edge...

I can imagine her after the fall:
"It was the girls, officer, they forcefully seduced me! I'm an innocent victim!"

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Perhaps a moderator should look at the posts of @Needagirl in the comments section for the Chinese manhua The Daughter of Evil and Miss Devil.

And this:

It's insulting to the Chinese, their comics and the readers who like them.

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Shipping Kosuzume-sensei and her editor is wrong. :-(

hahahaha I will try not to.....

I was also oddly confused by my feelings in that afterward.

No, Kosuzume-san, don't do it!
You can't dump your rich and generous husband for some lady editor!
Remember he's the father of your children!

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This... this is Rina's total victory?!?
Noooooo... >_<
I wanted Miyako to turn the tables on her...

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So Bun loves... who? This first chapter made me confused...

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Masterpiece 20/10 and GOD

Hah wow I thought it was a silly little thing but it seems you really liked it.

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The author of Kimi wa Shoujo, doing what she does best. XD

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is it from the same author as that manga about sister-stalker? Because designs are super similar.

where'd that one go anyway

right here

I realized only now that I never finished that one. I read until ch6 and forgot about it for some reason. I'm gonna read it to the end now. Thanks for sharing the link!

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Grandma might be my favorite character, she knows what's up.