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Woo. That was really good. It rawked. Can't wait for more.

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Zexalfan posted:

pretty nice so far~ looking foward to see where it goes.
Anybody knows how many chapters are already out?

In spanish you can find it up the ch04 and I don't think they're behind Japan releases

It’s currently at chapter five.

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I love how impulsive and extroverted the main character is. The art is lovely too.

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Now that's a twist I didn't see coming. I really can't wait to see how this goes.

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Hikari gives no fucks, just goes right up and says it, but that might be because he black hole of a head sucked away whatever fucks she had.

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I have some thoughts about this manga. When Hikari started doing things, I thought it was just manga logic and that was just the world this story was gonna be in. But then she did stuff and other characters got confused by it and acted like normal people and I realize that Hikari's a little... different? She acts like "falling in love" is something that happens everyday and isn't the #BigDeal that is it to many people. She doesn't realize when she's speaking out loud or in her head. She has poor social skills but appears to be an extrovert. Is she on the autism spectrum? I doubt takeshima intentionally wrote an autistic character (many authors don't really), but that's how Hikari's coming off to me. I honestly hope so 'cause I'd love some more autistic characters in manga. I absolutely love this story, though. Instant favorite.

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Oooh! I saw the first chapter in Spanish a couple of months ago, glad is in english too! I mean, nothing wrong with my native language but that group only works on facebook and reading manga in facebook is like colecting fanart with an ifunny watermark. Plus, I can see more diverse reactions.

you can read it a tumanga online, if i recall correctly devil rainy sans is the one doing the translations right? they also upload their translations to tumangaonline and (wich is offline for the moment)

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That's a strange kind of oblivious.

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I'd say that Himari's brand of love is similar to that of Matsuri for Himawari-san. Airheads think alike, I guess.
Not exactly the usual romantic, and rather far from sexual. It's closer to the admiration you feel for a work of art: Pleasant aesthetics, sublime, even. You don't want to hug it or kiss it, you just need to see/hear it over and over, letting it get inside your soul.
You could say they are in love with their love. Yori loves singing, and Himari loves when and how Yori sings. Himawari-san loves books and Matsuri loves when she reads or talks about books.

... Ok, maybe I'm just missing the Himawari-san manga and need to read a new chapter right now, but my comparison is not completely unsound.
Oh, and this manga is cute, too. Guess I'll keep an eye on it (even if I have to read it in Spanish because I can't wait for more)

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Now if only other moe-band animes are this proactive

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I sense a triangle with the sister already...

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whispering a love song to a rock

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lol it's both cute and irreated at the same time :V

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Reading this made me blush god damn. No wonder Senpai can't hold it together. Looking forward to more.

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Hmmmm? Airheaded useless lesbian and the not as useless (we'll see) lead singer lesbian?.... Soooooold!!!! Plus the illustrations look amazing!! Looking forward to more

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Warning: Slow burn ahead.

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You know, Miki-chan dismissing Himari when the latter talked about her newfound feelings is a sad statement about LGBT acceptance in Japan, and the fact that it doesn't phase me (would it be presomptuous to say doesn't phase us?) much anymore a testament of how the rest of the world still has a lot left to improve on.
Yuri has been a relatively quiet, but nonetheless present, genre in which gay and bisexual women gradually went from complete erasure, to an existence that had to be bargained with and for in the old times, to finally a relative acceptance, an eventually peaceful love between them and the person(s) they love... Which is good, don't get me wrong, and I VERY MUCH welcome yuri protagonists these days being more aware of, and acting more on, their feelings... But along that way, the relationship between them and the supporting cast has not improved as much.
And that, I believe, should be the next step of yuri as a genre, because it is never too late to shape culture; the culture of a world that, at large, is to be found more in supporting casts than in prot-

Ahahahahahah. Yeah. As much as the matter is interesting to talk about, and probably SHOULD be discussed, I really just came here to say that AAAAAAAAAAAAH! THIS IS TOO CUTE! This is really too cute. Awwwwww. That warm feeling when you unexpectedly find love, you know? Adorable. <3

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Hays, the mc is so dense

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Her phrasing is almost painfully illogical. It feels really forced how the author tried to create this misunderstanding. Not sure if the Japanese could make this any more believable, but this kind of thing really annoys me.

Well at least Yori seems to take the opportunity to make her fall for her in a romantic sense.

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ahhh yes more airheads I need more of this

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The MC is a dag (aussie for dumb but with positive connotations) and I'm subbed as a result.

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Well, she doesn't use the word love in the correct way XD

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Why would you name your band ss girls? That could have some very alarming implications

Super strong girls?

Super Straight?
Silly String?
Sweet Salt?
Subliminal Sadism?
Strict Shtlick?

Sugary Shit?

Whatever could you mean by alarming, lol?

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How can anyone misunderstand a "I love you too" reply?

Suspension of disbelief becoming a tad hard here...

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