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I agree with Blastaar's take on this. This was a very subdued story in terms of things happening, so expecting anything more than what actually transpired is kind of on the reader, not the author. I love this ending, and think it fits the series as a whole perfectly.

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I really loved the story and waited impatiently for every chapter, I'm not dissatisfied one bit but still I'd like it to develop more till they feelings really grow into a big sweet yuri) It would totally bacome a comedy then <3

I don't get how Tsugumi hasn't find a place to belong to with Midori, ran away but still thought something like I love Midori after friggin 10+ years wat the hell?! It's just surreal.

This is the best subtle yuri I've read this year <3 I wish the best of lucks to author :3

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Ah man, sucks to find out about a good series just to binge read it in one day and find out it ended that very same day. I got into it for the Yuri honestly, and although I was kinda let down at first, I'm glad I kept on reading, like someone mentioned earlier already, the series gave off a lot of mother/daughter developing type of relationship vibes rather than a romantic relationship developing, but in a sense, can't really put it into words very well, it didn't feel like one either at the same time?? however I will agree with some of the comments down here, ending left me feeling kinda empty, idk if i'm missing something, guess i'll be giving it a second read, pretty nice series overall, hope we get a sequel or something of that sort.

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The line "Haru is Haru" is enough for me, I didn't even need the time skip. The two of them being able to move on with their lives just makes me happy.

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It's a good ending, but it feels a little lacking.

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It's not an abrupt or rushed ending, nor is it something that i would call unsatisfying, and yet it certainly does feel like it's missing something.

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Well, it is rushed, all points hint to axed, even the author is implying how bad it feels to cut it short ... still, I think the ending was great nonetheless but without a doubt rushed.

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Well, it is rushed, all points hint to axed, even the author is implying how bad it feels to cut it short ... still, I think the ending was great nonetheless but without a doubt rushed.

I agree—page 3 could hardly be clearer that this wasn’t the way it was supposed to go.

But (to me) extremely well-executed nonetheless.

I deeply want more of Midori’s mom, too.

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The author did say it got cut short? Damn that's happening more and more now.

I'm not sure I totally get this ending... Haru moved into her Aunt's after all? Why?

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This series definitely got cut short, Tsugumi even said so. But it was a fun ride, still kinda sucks knowing that there might’ve been more to the story.

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A tear came down..

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Huh. I mean, it sucks it was axed, people don't appreciate the finer, calmer things nowadays, which is unfortunate. But for what it was, it was a nice, not-very-rocky ride lol

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  • "Yeah, I did. It ended just when was really getting into it."
  • "Right!? How cruel to make that the last one."

I see what you did there, Sensei. Talking about meta, huh? This was definitely axed.

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ok but can we talk abt tsugumi reciprocating midori's feelings but never telling her??? that hurt me

I feel uncomfortable, maybe its the prospect that this 30 year old might fall for the 14 yo... but somethings off. I love the art though, so im going to pretend shes 18.

I did this when I first read it. Now coming back to read it again I just now remembered that Haru is 14. So glad nothing much happened, it was handled well, and they time skipped.
Oh and I just love how they both had some super gay lookin' haircuts at the end.

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A sequel would be good for this manga.

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bold of you to call yourself yuri

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This manga hurt when I first read it and it still does now. I love it. Does anyone know if the mangaka has any social media?

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I think I cried every 2 chapters or so, sometimes more. Not the manga to read when you're already feeling sorry for yourself and need encouraging...

It was great, would've been nice to see more, but alas, the world sucks.

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imagine dying then finding out your daughter's also in love with the person you used to be in love with
also imagine if Tsugumi didn't die and met up with and started dating Midori then they raised Haru together..

the part where it was revealed that Tsugumi was also in loved with Midori crushed me. i'm still sobbing..

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Hmm i liked it cuz it wasnt as messy as some manga like Living with My Brother's Wife lol, she didnt rly project the mom on the daughter. I just was a bit disappointed that all the yuri seemed kina subdued, like its mostly subtext what kind of love Midori felt for Tsugumi, and vice versa based on the letter, and if Haru and Midori became lovers when Haru grew up, it:s all kinda vague, but well I liked the gentle feelings of the story UwU

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Like um... I need a sequel.

A sequel for people who can accept Haru and Midori's romantic relationship without labeling it as pedophilia....because it's not.

Kinda the reason why Haru moved in with her aunt, cause she knew she would need to become an adult in order to live together with Midori, rather than be treated as a child that needs to be taken care of by the person she has come to love.

Oh my god, you put this so well, I'm convinced! If I were in charge, there'd only need to be 2 more chapters for this to feel resolved in a much more satisfying way.

Anyway, I've sort of been on a non-romantic partnership kick lately, with "Lillie's, Voice, Wear Wind" as my last stop (I won't get into my slight gripes here). I'd like to say that I think the urge for people to place their love firmly in mother-daughter or romantic is misplaced. It's a love that with age may very well sprout into romantic love, but is definitely separate. The characters don't label it for a reason: it's a deeper love than mere friendship, it's more equal than parent-child, but it's not (yet?) a shared romance.

I think one way to take the story is that the younger Haru may have felt the need to grow up—especially apart from Midori—because she understood that while they both held each other close, Midori could not think of her in a romantic way because of her age.

Another way is that Haru felt she had to grow up to get past what you describe: Midori feeling obligated to distance their relationship behind a parental/mentor lens, on display in her inability to ask Haru to stay. In this scenario not because of a crush, but because of the aforementioned unlabeled partnership love.

I've had similar experiences myself as a kid who matured quickly. Entirely on the friendship side to be clear, not romantic.

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This was beautiful and unexpected to stumble across, I cried my eyes out at a few points, especially the letter. I actually really appreciated the ambiguity this ended with, it seemed more literary that way. I think it would have seemed trite or tonally mismatched if it had ended much differently. Still, I’d love to see a sequel that explores their relationship developing and changing with a similarly understated treatment.

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Woow what a beautiful ending, i liked this a lot! "If you don't have a place to belong to, make it yourself", that's something Midori finally learned 14 years after Tsugumi left, and it's only fitting for Haru to be the one to teach Midori that. They may be strangers cohabitating, but there's no need to put a label because it's a place they made for themselves, where they can truly be genuine.

Haru saying "see you later" when she was about to leave really shows the dichotomy between her and Tsugumi, with the latter completely leaving behind Midori. It shows that Haru is her own person, and just because she and her mother look the same doesn't mean they're the same. The parallelism is shown even more with both of them leaving during Spring, the season Midori hated. This time however, learning from the past, she doesn't have anything to be afraid of because Haru will definitely come back. Spring took her most precious person away, but in the end, spring once again gave Midori a loved one. Yay!

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What a beautiful ending

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