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I'm liking it so far. Emi is absolutely savage towards the end of chapter 2, it's great~

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Emi seemed cute in a bit possessive way...she's nuts, gay or not, she's a maniac, get out Yuu! you, whatever her name is!!

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"Don't fall in love, don't like some boy. You're terrible at it."

Ouch. Not sure what to think of Emi, but she's definitely lost that adorable yuri luster, but I'm pretty okay with that. She's pretty possessive, but it sounds like she just doesn't understand her feelings. Then again, maybe I'm just hoping for yuri, when in reality Emi is just a really jealous friend.

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Not sure why but I started laughing when Emi kicked the guy off his chair lol

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shadesofgreymoon said:

Once I finally got that figured out, I also discovered that I am demi, which makes female friendships "hard mode".

Thank you for writing that in a way that made me look up demi. You may now claim credit for the epiphany of a random stranger on the Internet.

More on topic, I’m really curious how this series will continue. I’m hoping for some positive development in the long run.

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Selfish prick!

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Once I finally got that figured out, I also discovered that I am demi, which makes female friendships "hard mode".

High five for demi struggles

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I'm pretty sure Emi is "aware" of her feelings or rather, she was aware of it. See, at the very start of the manga she said something like, "It started back then. And it ended back then too."

If it's just the possessiveness, obviously it hasn't ended. But, I'm thinking she realized her feelings for Yuu before or at the time Yuu asked her if she liked anyone. But then Yuu obviously didn't reciprocate. She realized that Yuu wasn't even in the same playing field since she's straight(for now of course wink wink). And that's why she said it ended back then. I think that's a pretty normal reaction to finding out a girl you have a crush on doesn't seem to hint at being gay at all.

Anyway, what she doesn't realize is while she's acknowledged that her romantic affection for Yuu has "ended" and has nowhere to go, the feelings have actually festered and became the possessiveness she has right now. And that's pretty much why she's batshit crazy already. Her feelings have been categorized in her head as "being the person around Yuu because I value her more than anyone else" which is why she gets rid of anyone else.

In chapter 2, I was pretty surprised. My first reactions were, "Oh no, she knows. She knows! Uh oh. I kinda like that she knows." I just hope she doesn't make this NTR just because she knows. XD

It's pretty creepy but I like how Emi savagely says, "Don't fall in love. You're terrible at it." so even if Yuu knows, the fact that Emi is able to say things like this means she's also aware that Yuu knows how she feels. In retrospect, this is very sad and just screams future NTR. I'm sad now. But I like it!

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Emi is clingy and crazy and while I don't hate that in fictional characters, I'm wondering if her obsessive self will get a happy ending, I cannot see Yuu liking her back that way any time soon though. I want to be wrong.

I think in 90% of cases she picks credit pictures on manga she's working on

Assign? I call the shots LOL
yeah it was my idea
hope you liked it

I do hahaha I enjoyed those from Goddammit Mei too. Asobi faces are A+ !!

Thank you guys for picking up another series and for posting them here. <3
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That was funny.

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who the hell is "Emi"?

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who the hell is "Emi"?

emi is black haired obsessive chick, yuu is blonde/brown hair chick that doesn't love her back

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I was skeptical with chapter 1, but chapter 2 has so many well-placed subversions that stoked my interest. This is not yet again a generic lesbian who does stupid things like chickening out from confession or dating the guys her crush likes. This is a loveable idiot who has no concept of homosexuality and is struggling along as best as she could, seducing boys away from her crush but never actually dated them. Her crush is also a surprise: a sharp idiot - sharp enough to realize that it's her who Emi was obsessed about, but dumb enough to not know it's romantic.

Exactly what I tought. I never discuss seriously about chapters around here, but this series caught my attention, It's different and well made. If the author make it well, the characters development will be fantastic.

This. Well both these actually. Thanks for doing the work of typing out my thoughts for me.

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emi is black haired obsessive chick, yuu is blonde/brown hair chick that doesn't love her back

Thank you darling, but I was snarking about the translator getting her name wrong (it's Eimi).

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This entire manga makes me feel.......

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Waiting for the moment the Yandere tag gets applied.....

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A bit possessive, but at least she gets straight to the point

Also, I'm just thinking she may be possessive because she's loved Yuu for so so long, grade school to college is a pretty long time to have an unrequited love, causing her to have her feelings just flow out so violently and fast

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First time I've see a "Fuck you asshole" in a Yuri manga lol

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There's a lot of the use of the term "crazy" being thrown around. At what point is love something that's always considered sensible? Emi seems just really emotional and immature. Internalizing it for so long, it just seems like this is what caused the pot to boil over. Whether or not her interaction with the boys Yuu liked were intentional seems a bit dubious. Boys tend to go for physical first, then everything else second. So I'm slightly inclined to believe her. Doesn't make her the final judge in character of boys for Yuu nor does it give her the right to act that way... but she needs to get a handle on her emotions. Yuu needs to speak up and get this out the way. I'm happy she recognized she's built that superiority complex so now she needs to address the overflowing pot she helped create.

Not a bad story.

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I'd call Emi "crazy". She's obsessive, manipulative, and explosively violent.

But I like that kind of character, that's what makes this manga fun to read.

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Awww, crazy people need love too.

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This looks like it's gon' be nice.
Also, the Asobi Asobase images in the credit pages are utterly beautiful.

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This is getting pretty interesting. Crossing my fingers for a good end.

And, way to go Emi! Kick that bastard!! Loved page 19!!

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So first, he's making Yuu visibly uncomfortable. Second, he's hitting on the best friend of the girl he's supposed to be pursuing, and third, he's hitting on Yuu, who Emi is possessive about.

If you ask me, he deserved it for the first two, even though the third one is probably her main reason. The irony is he's almost certainly going to assume it's over the second one.

This. I'm glad to see at least one sensible person around here.

I don't typically browse Dynasty discussions, but I'm surprised how many people misread such a simple manga. Emi's actions uptil now have been completely justifiable. There's nothing about her that is "crazy" or is in the wrong, at least not yet. The douchebag deserved a punch in the face for trying to catch fishes with both hands; you don't get to blame his victim for being pissed off. Also Emi was brave enough to tell Yuu that it's her she's obsessed about, what more do people want? She's not a bad person for not realizing it's romantic love. It's honestly irritating to see people have no qualm about insulting her for no reasons.

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