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Lol with the doctor having bad hand writing

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Mangas should really be co-authored. One author should be in charge of the art, and the other one should be in charge of the fucking plot!

Especially if the author isn’t even enjoying the story they’re making what’s even the point then lmao

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so we don't have the confession scene or sth like that? no confrim as a couple?

Well, I mean, it does look like they're living together as adults. I took that to mean that they're together as a couple.

Yeah I don't know what people are reading, it's pretty obvious they're a couple now.

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Well that was it i guess? i dont like time skips that much but it was ok i guess again?

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The fuck? Is this really going full blown angst on the other side?
MC is just smacking a straight NO to her childhood friend's face. Just NO. Then what? Time skip? I'm fucking confused rn.

No no no I don't need sequel of this shit story. I can already guess and it's going to be useless that if you read it now, you'll go "meh, I knew it's going to happen"

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Also the whole "I want to learn more about you" is utter fucking waste of time. I cringed my way advancing through pages.

God what a terrible read on the first day of 2019. I can't blame scanlator though.

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Don't worry guys, when you have been into yuri manga/anime as long as some of us have been you start getting used to it.

I'm hella bitter for it, though.

...Aoi Hana feelings...

No truer words...

That being said, yeah... rough landing. I was quite shocked at the ending myself. You chose to do what? With who? Girl why?! Ok...

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sees elixir characters on last page of ch 8

chucks phone to other side of the couch

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Well. That ending was.... Eugh. I expected better, but it just got worse as it neared its end

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sees elixir characters on last page of ch 8

chucks phone to other side of the couch

LMAO same, it triggers me every single damn time.

DR2 Hajime Hinata
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Fuck. Rikako didn't get a happy ending afterall.

Just because she didn't get the girl it doesn't mean she can't have a happy ending, just like the
The Hunchback of Notre Dame. And the ending felt a little rushed anyway.

The mangaka didn't even acknowledge her at the end though, for all we know she could be still sad somewhere out there

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I got so confused on the last chapter. Like they were just having a nice coffee date and then suddenly a timeskip like ?????? what?

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I'm pretty sure that's the end, right? Its status should probably be changed to "Completed".

That ending definitely took me by surprise. It definitely felt super rushed. I didn't hate it though...

Rikako was definitely given the short end of the stick. To be honest, her entire character could have been excised from the story and nothing would have changed.

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what the fuck

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Stupid af total waste of time first thing 2019

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glad this wasn't my first read in 2019, ha-ha

So. The END.


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The paneling on the last string of chapters was such a mess to go through, so poorly put together that the flow was completely lost. Could hardly know who was talking, where the characters were standing or if they changed locations on multiple occasions, add that to the great translation and wording, and the whole manga is just a pain to read. Dunno, I feel as if the author just gave up and just wanted to get it over with in the last three chapters.

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I’m torn between going back and re-reading the whole thing one more time just so I can be more specific in my own mind about what exactly made this into such a godawful mess, and . . .doing something more productive, i.e., anything but that.

I still think the butch doctor whose bedside manner included burning the patient (kind of accidentally) with her cigarette was pretty awesome, though.

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Dunno, I feel as if the author just gave up and just wanted to get it over with in the last three chapters.

The series was likely canceled in yuri hime and the mangaka given a few chapters to wrap it up. If the shift in story quality is any indication, they were either devastated or just gave up and treated it like an annoying homework assignment until it was over. They had a really interesting idea that just unraveled.

The grammar is all over the place in these last 3 chapters.

I feel like that adds to the authenticity of it. I can't tell you how many doujinshi I've read where the English has to have been waaaaaay better than the original Japanese fan fiction. I mean, shit, think about it. Fan fiction written by visual artists. Regular fan fiction is atrocious, what secrets does our new dialogue obscure?

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Feels kinda like "we planned to make 5 volumes but in the middle of second one realised there won't be a third one"

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This was a nice series, but the mood shift in the last three chapters was so weird.
So now the two of them work together at the library? And what happened to the friend?

And yeah, the grammar quality in these chapters was weird.

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That time skip tho...
out of nowhere -.-

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Feels kinda like "we planned to make 5 volumes but in the middle of second one realised there won't be a third one"

I agree, I really enjoyed the way this was going but so much more character could have been built up...and an editor to check English would've been nice. I still enjoyed this as a quick read but I feel like I need more of it; it feels rushed and incomplete, but a lovely story nonetheless. I don't think it deserves such scathing reviews as those I've seen.

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wow, just found out this series had an ending, and a lame one at that, it sure feels like it was axed and rightfully so ...

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