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joined Jul 29, 2017

I thought this was okay. It wasn't bad by any stretch. I saw potential in where the story was going, which I guess was good enough for me in this case.

This did have potential. This could have been okay.

This was dreadful.

joined Jul 21, 2019

Damn, this was pretty bad not gonna lie.

joined May 1, 2019

Oh no! My girlfriend is dead! Oh well, I guess her twin sister who deceived me and pushed me down the stairs is the next best thing! Too bad I don't have any other people in my life who love me deeply that I can turn to!

Jokes aside, it wasn't that bad. There was potential here, but it just felt like Chitose got over Touka being dead and forgave Ayaka way too quickly. And then we just skip all their actual romantic development and jump straight to them living together. Oh well.

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