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I love it!! Funny & sweet. Chapter 4, pages 14 & 15 got me laughing so hard, I almost chock on my snack that i was eating :')

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i don't know why, but i love aki eda, yuri and het works, ...and touhou dj of course

drpepperfan Admin
joined Oct 12, 2010

Aki Eda is fantastic, and this is my fav of her works. Just adorable.

joined Jul 19, 2013

Aki Eda is great! This is my favorite of her work as well. I really want her to do an extra chapter where Keiko and Yukiko develop there dating relationship further or at least show the first time they kiss.

joined Jul 4, 2012

Ahaha, that
"It's sweet :O" Snort
got me XDD

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joined Oct 15, 2013

This is the kind of stories I'd love to see a continuation of, even a short special, anything!

joined Apr 20, 2013

"Let's drink" ARE YOU SERIOUS?! after 20 years you're gonna celebrate with the thing you do every day?! I'm so mad and happy for them at the same time, Grrrr I love it!

At least kiss her... Geez

joined Mar 12, 2014

Oh my god these two are adorableeeeee. I genuinely laughed on those last few pages! Man I would love to see more of these guys

joined Mar 14, 2014

I love how Kei had to one-up Yuki in the final chapter. Hahaha. Lovely.

Nezchan Moderator
joined Jun 28, 2012

I love how Kei had to one-up Yuki in the final chapter. Hahaha. Lovely.

And I love how Yuki's exclamations increased. !, !!, !!!

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It's wonderful, but maybe more adult life than college? Since it seems neither are in school (one just works at a college)?

joined Apr 30, 2014

Hahaha... they should've tagged comedy.... It was really hilarious. XD

joined Apr 30, 2014

oh.. And you all should know where drinking leads.... XD Either to too much to drink that they're waster or.... They'd get it on, though if you base it from them they'd probably get wasted, then the next morning get shy and all, then they'd feel awkward for a few days, then they'd wonder if it was the correct decision to tell the other, then they'd apologize for being stupid that they feel bad for confessing, then they'd say to the other that it's not true, then they affirm their feelings, and so they smile awkwardly blushing brightly and then lastly the kiss happens.

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This one makes me turn into jelly

joined Jul 5, 2014

I wish there were more of this.

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Ahhh... That's right. This is the perfect stuff to read before going to bed... :3
I had my dose now.

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I'm on an Aki Eda binge. It's improved my mood immensely.

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This one makes me turn into jelly

I couldn't have said it better!!!

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I cri.

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Thats it? nooo! this was really cute xD

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Good thing every thing went well *thumbs up *

joined Apr 11, 2016

hnnnng t'was so cute

but seriously tho, megane-san is hardcore xD

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Just discovered this and I love it. I would be so happy if it went a bit further but it was still a fantastic, low-drama read, something that is sorely needed these days

joined Oct 17, 2017

I wish there was a sequel to this, or that Aki Eda would do more original yuri work

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