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Hey guys!

So. It turns out this thread and my plan to reach out to Ssamba somehow end up as nothing more but another result of my own impulsivity and my habit of overthinking and complicating things way too much whenever I really, really want them. XD What I'm talking about? Simple. This:

(Thanks goes to Fluttering Feelings translator Halmoni.)

It turns out that Ssamba is pretty certainly able to understand basic English and thus also should understand the messages we write to her as long as we don't make them too complicated. The link posted above shows instructions how to sign up on naver (where Ssamba has her blog) and how to write her a message there. Since this is easily the best and fastest way to deliver our messages, let's just do that instead of what I had thought of. :D That way, we won't have to worry about any deadlines or whatever too! Everyone can just go there when they have time and feel like it.

So're all allowed to facepalm at my actions now. I did as well. XD Still, I love how many people have posted here. In the end, even if I've proven to be an idiot with the planning talent of a five-year-old, I still feel like I was able to start something good, which makes me happy. :) But I don't count in this sitch, so ya'll go hop on over to naver now, make an account and make Ssamba happy instead! :D

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Dear Ssamba,
I'm really sad to hear about your condition. We all wish you recover and we are doing our best to encourage you since you also encouraged us through your story. I hope we manage to get these posts translated so you can read them! I always thought your story was really nice and heartwarming and that really does help people when they've had a stressful day. Maybe we don't know you but I think stories show a lot of our inner feelings and thoughts so we have already become somehow connected to you ^-^ Lastly I would like to thank you for your support of the lgbt community in the media; we definitely appreciate your hard work!
All the best,

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Dear Ssamba,
You are more than just an artist. I have so much respect for you and for the work you have created. Your passion and drive is what sets you apart from other Manga creators. I want you to know how much you work has touched me on a personal level and how much I cherish it. I hope the best for you and your recovery. Thank you for creating such a lovely story and sharing it with us the readers. It means so much to us, as a community. It means so much to me. Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart.
Your fan always,

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Dear Ssamba,

I never thought I would care about a manhwa author like this, but I did... You were one of the reasons I draw, you are my inspiration in drawing yuri art. You are my idol. It breaks my heart to hear the news. I am hurt and am crying as I'm writing this. Though, I imagine that you have it worse than me, and because of that, I can take this pain and endure it. I can't wait for you to be healthy again. There are a lot of people who are praying for you and are waiting for you to make a nice recovery. We miss you and we love you! We wish you all the best! Please take care of yourself and get well soon. Never give up! Fighting!!

I love you - LittleYuri

(Fanart to be inserted when I finish.)

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Greetings Ssamba!
Im a girl from Poland, and I really love your work. I just wanted to thank you.
Every time in week your manga uppdate was the most awaited moment for me.
I was always sad when you have to take a breake, becouse of your work, going trough my tough life was easier with seol-a and norae :)
But now it dosent metter. The most important thing to me now is your health! I belive in you! You will beat up this stupid disease!
You will show everyone youre strong ! You move me out of my depression with your comics, so if you could do that, then you will win with somthing weak as cancer! Dont give up! Be strong ! Me and thousend of people are counting on you ! Dont you dare disapoint us :D ! I belive in you! I know you can get back to your good Health! Youre very important person for us :) I`m praying for you, get well as fast as you can!
Your fan AkemiAkuma~

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I love you, look after yourself !

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Hello Ssamba!

I have been reading yuri manga and manwa for about nine years now. Fluttering Feelings has become a very special story to me. It's so sweet and the characters are so lovable. Every Sunday morning I would check the comico site and it was the best way to start my day. You have created a beautiful and unique story that has touched the hearts of so many Yuri fans and I can't thank you enough. Stay confident and strong and know that you have people all over the world wishing you well and loving you!

From a fan in America with love

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Dear Ssamba,

When I heard the bad news my heart sank, this truly is something you wish for no one. Every time I read about Seol-a and No-rae getting closer and closer.. That honestly cheered me up so much, it's really amazing what a good love story can do to a person. And I can't help but chuckle when I think back to those Sundays where I was waiting on the edge of my seat to see a new update. And how frustrated I could get when they just would not kiss already. What a story can do to a person! I want to offer you mental support the best way I can, we will support you every day. Every time. From everywhere. If you ever feel down, please look here, all of us are right behind you, supporting. Do not ever give up, Ssamba. We won't either.

Another big fan of yours, MonkeysBusines

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Dear Ssamba,

I am terribly sorry and very sad after hearing the news about your illness. As many have said already, Sundays were best day of the week for me and that was only because I was waiting for an update of fluttering feelings and its English translation. When I started reading FF I thought the story was very realistic and for me is one of the best yuri comics out there, if not the best. I never looked forward to read a comic that way before FF appeared. It really cheered me up and keep me waiting more of Seola and Norae. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful story and for all you have given us! We are all cheering you to recover. We will never give up on supporting you! I want to send my best wishes and hope to hear good news very soon.

Your Spanish fan

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Hey Ssamba,

Thank you for your manhwa. Your work has improved the world, it has helped many gay people to know themeselves better, including me. Your manhwa has also given a big contribution to international fiction, because there are not so many works about girls' love. I'm endlessly grateful for that and sure you'll win your fight for your life and then grant your fans with happy end of your illness and your manhwa!

Do get better,
Your fan from Russia.

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Heyo SSamba!

First of all a whole lot of warm greetings from germany!
Just like all the other people i want to tell you how much i admire you as an artist and that i'm deeply saddened by the recent news. Since I've stumbled over your work quite some time ago your work has kind of become part of my life and by now i can't really tell how often i started reading Fluttering Feelings from the beginning again. I hope reading all these posts and seeing that there are people from all around the world who are praying for you to make a recovery will at least brighten your day by a little and give you some additional strength to get through this. We're all rooting for you so please don't give up and keep on fighting!

Best wishes,
a huge fan from germany ♥

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Dear Ssamba,
You know? You don't deserve this shitty illness but I know you are strong, so NEVER give up. Even if you feels weak we will support you and give you strength every instant. I want to offer you my metal support too. So if you think you are alone you are not, we are thinking of you. Stay strong Ssamba, you deserve to live. I send you my warmest, strongest and sincere hug. Ah! thank you for the new arts, are beautiful ♥ you know?. Hum I thinking... you like kisses? Here: (っ。◕ з ◕。)っ ☆☆♥ If you don't like the kisses at least the emoticon is cute, right? I can only hope I put a smile in you. I need you positive.

Always your fan,

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Dear Ssamba,

I respect you and I admire your work as fluttering feelings. Today, I discover news about you and this important moment in your life. While I've read fluttering feelings I could sense Seol-a and No-rae had a lot of hard times for understanding each other. It's difficult, but don't forget your own work, there's a great feeling of overcoming yet they didn't give up anytime. Get this feeling and overcome this difficult moment. Don't give up! I and your fans are sending to you all good vibes. Your manga is amazing, your story touched my heart, showed me another side of art. Fight, Ssamba. You're not alone.

From a great brazilian fan.

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Dear Ssamba,
Hello from America! I have to say that your writing has helped me in so many ways. I came out as a lesbian to my family a few years ago and have been going through a lot of personal stuff on top of that. I use to get the feeling that some times I should give up on being my true self just to feel more "normal".
But one day I was fortunate enough to find Fluttering Feelings and honestly it made me realize that I am stronger than I though and more beautiful than a mirror can show. Every Sunday I check in on Selo-A and No-Rae because they made me believe in life again. I will always be in your debt for making me laugh, cry and having me in suspense for your next chapter.
Ms. Ssamba I want to thank you from every fiber of my soul for not only being an amazing writer, but for being an incredible person as well. I know that you are going through a hard time but from me and all of the people's hearts you have touched we know you will pull through! You are one of a kind and have done so much!! Keep fighting on, you got this!!
With love and gratitude
Taylor K

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Dear Ssamba,

You put so much hard work on fluttering feelings, I can feel your passion in every chapter. It is such a touching cute story, I bet you're someone with a big heart. FF thought me that love is love no matter what gender. You're my favorite manhwa artist ever!

Also, can I have a peck on the cheek? ( ̄ε ̄)

Lots of Love from Philippines

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You've touched so many souls around the world with your splendid work so far, I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet you and your work.
It really saddens me everything that is going on, but most of all, I support you with all my heart and hope you can pull through this with minimum or no discomfort at all. You have a world of supporters behind you, and trust me, we are a lot of people.
Best wishes to you and your family and friends. We all love you!
you have a friend in Colombia.

-Ana de la Hoz

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Dear Ssamba:
From all of my heart and soul, I have to thank you for make me happy every Sunday!!! For make a very realistic and touching mahwua. To portray the reality of the everyday struggle a girl can feel and live when they discover their sexuality. And to accept their true self!!! THANK YOU!!! So much LOVE from La Isla Del Encanto Puerto Rico.

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Dear Ssamba,

Thank you so much for sharing your story to us. Tbh, my life has changed ever since i read your story. You made me look forward to my sundays because of your updates. You made me relate so much to the story and it made me realize that there's nothing wrong with two people falling in love, despite the society's judgemental views. As what you have portrayed in your story, it isn't about the sexuality but two people gradually discovering the bond and love they had for each other. It isn't a sudden thing, but a collection of subtle changes in the dynamics between two people. Thank you for sharing these insights with us. I was heartbroken when i heard the news, but despite it, i want you to know that i support you with all my heart and will continue to do so. Whatever actions you deem is best for you, i just want to thank you for imparting with us a story that touched our hearts and souls. You are a one of a kind person. We know you may be going through a hard time right now, but i want you to know that you have a lot of people supporting you behind your back. Thank you so so so so much. Keep on fighting!!! We'll always have your back!!! Best wishes to you and your family!

With so much love from America,


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Dear Ssamba,

I was lost for a few minutes after reading your health updates. Sadness started to creep into my heart. I dont know you, yet I feel like I know you through Fluttering Feelings. Your story brings peace & smiles to my face. It reminds me that I am not the only idealist in this fast-paced world. The romance is still existed. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing Fluttering Feelings into my life. I am truly grateful. Your writings & your drawings make Seol-a & No-Rae seem real. I am not going to pretend to know how you feel, or what you have been going through. I wish you all the best. Stay strong & positive! Cervantes is dead on when he said the journey is so much better than the end. Life usually doesn't take us where we intended to go, but I think just to end up where we needed to be is good enough.

Until next time,


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Dear Ssamba
First of all I love fluttering feelings with all my heart. I would wait for every monday for a new chapter.
You are my idol! Seriusly, im you fan!

I know that you are not good. I hope you will get well soon
I wanted to say that and..And say...thank you
Your history really touche me and become something very special to me. You become someone especial if i never really meet you. You are special to me.
I never imagined that i would write a letter to...well...anyone! But here i am :)

Keep fighting and never give up. If you feel that you cant do it. Always remember that there are thousands of people that love you and care abaut you from everywhere. The beatifull history that you draw really reach my heart. I kwow that it reach a lot of hearts more.

Dont give up ssamba
Love you
Your fan from Perú

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Dear Ssamba,
In all my years of reading manga and stories, I have never once felt connected to a romance story, never once truly liked the complete whole of a story. I always wondered if I was capable of loving another person, I've read countless straight romance mangas, countless yuri mangas but none of them made me feel much (though yuri is better, haha). But your story, this story, excited feelings, made me feel so much, your wonderful characters and your beautiful mind, the world you have created gave me hope. Falling in love seem so foreign to me but I fell in love with your characters and your mind. It's hard in this world to fall in love with someone of the same gender because of societal influences and it's stupid but your story showed me and i bet a lot of other people that love is real, love isn't just about sexuality, love isn't easy but love is so worth it. I have never read a manga/story as beautiful as yours. The characters are so well developed, every word, blush, touch is subtle but through it all, I could feel their connection. Your art is amazing and there is so much love poured into your story. Through this story, I felt like if I ever get to meet you one day, I want to become your friend. Because through this story, I believe you are a very very kind and loving person. I was heartbroken to hear your condition, i cannot even imagine how you are, you must be fighting some unbelievable battles but I want you to know, I along with all your supporters will be with you, to support you, to help you and to stand by you. Please remember we are all supporting you. You are a wonderful person who has changed so many lives. Don't give up, keep fighting, we will all be waiting for you. No matter how long, we will be waiting, so do your best, win your battle and come home. Thank you for making our days brighter with your story and thank you for being you. Even if you are not able to continue fluttering feelings, that's okay, the most important thing is your health. Don't worry, about it, you have not let us down, you have done so much for us, please, please be okay. Your story will always always have a very special place in my heart and I am so glad, so so glad, I get to be here in this timeline to read Norae and Seol-a's love story from your beautiful beautiful mind and heart. Thank you for thinking about us. Thank you for creating such an amazing, heart warming story. Thank you for sharing a part of you with us. Thank you for everything. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With love,
your fan, V

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Hi Ssamba,

Fluttering Feelings means a lot to me & thank u for giving us such a great memory and journey through your manga :)

Its been such a bless, to have known u even if we never get to see each other in this life.

wishing u a fast recovery & keep on fighting :) never ever give up ~ u are a fighter & u made us fight for our life as well. sending u hugs and love far from here.

Life is Beautiful moreover YOU had made it perfect for us :) Thank u Ssamba!

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Dearest Ssamba,

Hi. This is Cams speaking, a fan of your webtoon from the Philippines.

I wanna take this opportunity to thank you for creating such an amazing and powerful webtoon. I am in awe of your boldness to raise awareness of the LGBT community in Korea through your story. That was a huge step, considering Korea's view of homosexuality. You were the reason why I made it through every week because I always looked forward to Sundays, the day when a chapter gets released. Thank you for giving me the fluttering feelings that I needed. You may be an introvert yourself but you touched my heart on a personal level and I think that says a lot about you as a person. I am grateful to be one of your readers.

It is very sad to hear about your health condition. I can't even imagine the hardships you had to go through and I admire you for taking the time to still think of us and inform us of your current situation. I wish for you to stay strong and be positive though things may be tough and not going well at the moment. As long as there is life, there is hope. Please remember that. Don't give up. You will get through this. Time will come and you'd be able to continue writing Fluttering Feelings and all the great stories you have in your mind. You will be in my prayers every day and I sincerely hope the heavens will heed me and heal you completely.

Lots of love from the Philippines.

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Dear Ssamba
My name is Sandy, I know we do not meet each other but through your work, your drawings and how you show by your stories as it is with Fluttering Feelings I feel that we know a little more. I'm a fan of yours, I love your work and how you express such intense emotions and thoughts in your drawings. The first time I read Fluttering Feelings I was really fascinated by the whole history and how, little by little, both characters were being developed jointly with history, with their environment and as both characters changed when they met. I say all this because I want you to know how your story and the characters are and will always be important to me like you who are his creator, everything you do or write has much meaning for me. Today I read a message that you are in poor health. I'm still surprised I didn´t imagine that it´s happen to you. It's pretty hard to believe. I wish I could help you but isn´t in my hands to do so. Ssamba're a wonderful person and do not know how you will feel now as'll be going through this complicated situation but many people appreciate as the person you are, we all wish your best. Despite to be such a difficult disease to treat ... you can come out on top of it. I wish you a speedy recovery, much strength through this whole situation around you. Take care. We all appreciate you a lot. Thank you very much for sharing such a beautiful story that touched our hearts and souls. We will always be supporting you at all times as required. You showed us a beautiful story and so we will always be grateful.
My best wishes for you and your family.
With much love from Bolivia, Latin America.

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Hello Ssamba,

I honestly have no idea how to write to someone because I've never written one. Please excuse me if I'm being rude. I'm a boring person and an extra introvert that I have no friends. I spend my time reading comics/manga but I've never tried any of Korean webcomics. Fluttering Feelings is my very first webcomic and I fell in love. It lightened my days. So, I told myself that I need to write to you. I literally teared up when I read your latest blog. Your art and work is beautiful and pure. I am sure it is just as beautiful as you are. Fluttering Feelings always make my heart race crazily. As we all want the next chapter of FF, your health is way more important to us. We can wait even if it takes years. Even if it's discontinued, it doesn't matter. We'll be happy to see you all healthy again. Please be strong and never give up. You are an important person to me and I'm sure you are as important to all of your fans too.

I really really hope you will recover soon. Fight it! We know you are strong, Ssamba! We are all here with you. Don't ever give up and lose hope. You're in our hearts. We love you Ssamba! Don't ever forget that.

With lots of love and hugs,
Yominin xx

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