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joined Feb 8, 2013

I'm glad this at least get's an ending, really loved the concept of this one.

DR2 Hajime Hinata
joined Jul 20, 2016

Wow 6 months passed and I didn't notice this has been updated, I might have to reread the whole thing though since it's been over a year since I've last read it

joined Dec 27, 2015

Love the concept! Wish it could have gone on longer. But it’s almost the end. And it has been very entertaining.

joined Dec 26, 2013

Sweet sweet update, honestly wished it was longer.

joined Dec 13, 2013

Im so glad someone is still translating this piece, i LOVE this manga so much. it has the right amount of everything its just so good 10/10 would rec

joined Jan 21, 2016

Thanks for updating <3

joined Dec 27, 2014

Omg I somehow missed all the 2018 updates wtf.. Yeah I'm gonna have to reread this one, hardly remember anything

joined Apr 9, 2013

Thank you so much for catching up. ♡ I love this manga.

joined Oct 13, 2014

man i hope this somehow continues, theres a lot of things that can still happens T-T

joined Jun 22, 2016

Damn this one was really good, this had so much potential, why... this is a well done ending btw, does not resolve problems in one page but this is an open ending with a really good tone, even open for a sequel if somehow the author can bring it up.

joined Jun 30, 2016

What?! come on! there must be more! i mean they have to win the competition yet right?! i need a sequel!!!

Still it was good anyway :)
joined Apr 19, 2012

Really liked how this wrapped up, because it didn't feel too rushed. Also, this is probably the few times that first girl doesn't win, which is okay with me, since I liked the Mother/Father pairing anyway.

joined Oct 13, 2014

Really liked how this wrapped up, because it didn't feel too rushed. Also, this is probably the few times that first girl doesn't win, which is okay with me, since I liked the Mother/Father pairing anyway.

thats because its the better pair imo. glad to see it actually went that route

joined May 9, 2015

Fell in love with the characters and the premise, the execution was also well balanced and there wasn't overbearing long conflicts or dragged out drama. I did go "that's it huh?" by the end but that kiss is too sweet and the open end made the experience more worth it rather than rushed. Thanks for translating this series!

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joined Jun 10, 2016

I saw online that their are some extras but in Chinese will they also be translated?

joined Jun 11, 2013

Thank you

joined Apr 23, 2015

That the end? Well! Nicely done! Very enjoyable read. What a ride!

joined Sep 4, 2017

Omg :’)

joined Oct 15, 2016

This was a good read *sobbing

joined Dec 18, 2013

Man, sucks the series was axed. There was so much potential.

What has the author done since?

More yuri I hope.

joined Dec 13, 2013

its sad that it ended but it was good nonetheless
i was rereading bc this is one of my fav manga and chapter “declaration of war” proposes a plot that we will never see it cuz it had to end after haruhi arc :/

its a shame how manga with interesting plots get dropped meanwhile we have... those melodramatic plots that get 2738939303 volumes... we can see how the author had more stuff but im glad she at least could finish it with a satisfying ending.

joined Jan 11, 2014

This is the end?? We don't know what happened between the President and Yukari and their bad blood. I hope there's a sequel because this ending is too lacking. I still don't know who Haruho likes :/ it seems to be pointing at Yukari, but maybe she's just embarrassed by open display of affection

joined Jan 26, 2017

It's a shame this was cancelled. Thanks you translators for finishing this fun manga.

joined Aug 16, 2014

Not a bad ending for an axed series.

Arckuno Uploader
Binbou Scanlation
joined May 1, 2013

If only someone would translate that doujinshi the artist put out for this series recently...

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