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Ah, it ends.

I feel complete and somewhat hollow. Weird.

LOL towards Noriko's random magic.

joined May 24, 2014

Which chapter is the one where we saw the origin of Noriko's obssesion with magic?

joined Dec 16, 2013

Done re-reading. it's over!

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joined Apr 25, 2014

its nice re-reading this and seeing just how much foreshadowing there was for the ending.

joined May 20, 2013

Still looking for ideas on what "Nyan nyan" is.

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My favorite by far I loved this series.

joined Feb 28, 2015

I'm rereading this and got to the point of the are fake lolis good or bad fight and I'm remembering why I love this so much.

joined Mar 26, 2014
Hey guys, I've concluded they're both pervert for each other! xD HAHAHAHA! Bad pun ~

Nezchan Moderator
joined Jun 28, 2012
Hey guys, I've concluded they're both pervert for each other! xD HAHAHAHA! Bad pun ~

...I thought that was basically the plot?

joined Mar 26, 2014
Hey guys, I've concluded they're both pervert for each other! xD HAHAHAHA! Bad pun ~

...I thought that was basically the plot?

Instead of perfect for each other I used the word pervert that's why I thought it was funny.
xD Well yes and no. Too bad it ended....... (;__;)

joined Mar 26, 2014

Why?!? Is it over! I wanted more! You can't just have Noriko be able to use magic and we don't get to see some awesome magical stuff. Oh well .... (;__;) All good things must come to an end.

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What I especially liked was the last panel of this :

The author truely loved his characters and felt for them. That's the mark of a good author.

joined May 23, 2015

I have no idea what the author's been doing since the series ended, outside of consistently releasing Imas CG Rina/Natsuki doujins every comiket and posting live twitter reactions to and gay comic strips about Aikatsu and PriPara.

joined Sep 21, 2014

This was really funny, should make an anime out of this
The author's right, the characters really changed from what they were initially

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after rereading chapter 31,8 it seems Noriko is a jedi.

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I gonna Rereread this manga again. :3.

joined Aug 15, 2015 here if you wanty to download the manga :3.

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aww it ends :(
looking forward for more heebee works! :)

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One of the best comedy/yuri series ^_^

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third time reading this lol...

drpepperfan Admin
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third time reading this lol...

What's your avatar from?

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Ho, I flipping loved this. So creative, so humorous, so captivating. You don't need drama or angst to write a good manga. This was fabulous.

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4th time rereading this, and translating it for my yuri fellas.
BUT STILL NOT ENOUGH!! I want an anime of this, please please please!!!

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Where is my anime of this?


Welp, I'll just sob in a corner then TwT

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I only just recently finished reading this... Going back, it funny how the first time you read this, the ending arc seems to come totally out of nowhere. But after going back and rereading it now, the revelation about Noriko's magical lineage suddenly makes sense in hindsight. I'm happy with the ending, though I wouldn't mind a sequel of some kind.

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