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omg this is hilarious

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One is a lolicon and the other is a masoquist...
Ok. I can live whit that.

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Just give up and admit it, Noriko.

Everyone is so wonderfully messed up!

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I'm thinking this going absolutely nowhere very slowly... But sometimes those are the best! I couldn't stop grinning like an idiot!

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Could we give a tag to Sheska? For being a representative of how people who wear super yuri-goggles feel all the time? What's the most appropriate term? Any suggestions? You know, coz there're those times when you feel like you're the only one wearing it and you need a goggle-booster role model like her. And I know she's not the only manga character like that, there are others so it could actually be an added tag.

Edit: And reading the trope explanation made me totally relate, and I think I'm already having symptoms of Delusional Shipping Disorder

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I love Sheska. We would be good pervert buddies.

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I am delighted to see that Dynasty Reader has this now :)

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Huh, wasn't expecting chapter 12 to be as cute as it was

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this is I cant stop reading it XD

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ò v ó That charging....

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Everyone is a crazy chuunibyou (except for Mikan, who I feel a little bad for). And I love it.

Only Noriko and Miharu are chuunibyou, Rhianna and Sheska are truly from a magical family, remember the sending letter chapter ?

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Noriko-chan reminds me of Mio-chan from nichijou when she gets mad.
But... i usually want mio-chan mad at me, Enma Ai too, ive said to much (O_O)

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This manga is awesome in so many ways. <3


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Now I know what a glasses fetish' is.

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lol @ Miyako

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Poor Miyako, having to compete with a cosplaying lolicon in denial.

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Ch 13, how can this be so cute and hilarious at the same time? XD
Freaking loving this!

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This is going cuter and cuter with every new chapter. :]

How a lolicon yuri story should be done.

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So this is legendary indirect kiss....

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So this is legendary indirect kiss....

I think that is a whole new level of indirect kiss. Like master league level.

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keeps fangirling before and after reading the 13th chapter

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