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it would have been nice to get a big more of an epilogue of their now mutually mortal life together (maybe there'll be an omake or addendum extra at some point? who knows) but all in all that was p sweet as an ending

SAME! I would like a little something to see what their human life together is like. What kind of job Aria gets (maybe a history professor)?
Maybe seeing them happy and married? Since they did the "Til death do us part thing"?

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Personally I would have preferred the two being immortal lovers together but that is just the way these kind of stories always go. Becoming mortal because reasons.

Not because reasons. Aria have been suffering because of her immorality for a long time. The beginning of the manga is her trying to get killed to end her suffering. If anything, it would have been way too cheesy to have them live together as if love can resolve anything... I would have been disappointed if it was the case. I'm sure she already found peace knowing she will be with the person she loves and die after growing old together.

I agree with most comments about the end. Too bad a lot of pages were about Ichika loosing memory. The fact that that incident is resolved so quickly is anti-climatic and sound fake. But overall, I'm still happy with the end and the overall manga. I hope we'll get some extra chapters in one way or an other.

Actually, I think it was very like them to end it like that. To have Aria have a little struggle. Usually it's Ichika that starts the kisses and tells her she loves her etc. I think thay by making it Aria's choice to continue their relationship it was true to the author's intentions. I'm not a big fan of Amnesia. But I'm glad it was just a couple of pages and for a chapter than it was over a course of a series. It kinda makes sense that it would happen because Aria was the Queen of the Vampires and maybe that's a way to protect their kind etc when the Queen's immortality is taken.

P.S. I also thought we could've gotten 2 chapters for the end because of the memory loss thing. It seemed like not conplete because of all the chapters that led up to Ichika's decision to stab Aria for her sake. BUT maybe that's just our way of saying we're sad to see the series end. I really enjoyed it! It was so fresh and epic. A totally different take on Vampires by having a Queen who is like 14 looking.
And the historical parts. It was a great series. The historically accurate bulidings and timeline. We appreciate everyone involved in the making of this series.

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I think this shows a hint of the other girls like feelings or at least that she was trying to get her friend to say something (woman with short hair was smiling smugly). And people don't just call people drunk especially not Miss. Cares about appearances. She did everything in a calculated way. Now I'm not saying the main character wasn't a scumbag at the end for seemingly forcing herself on a drunk girl. But the other girl never told her to stop or not to kiss her, so the lack of "stop it" makes me think that the other girl knew main character's feelings and was just trying to get her to say something. And plus she was commenting on her house and building her up or making it seem like her friend was ya know rich, so maybe it was her way of saying,"Ask me out you wimp. You're my type. Loaded with cash." Hahahahahahhaha.

Don't mind me y'all. I've read this story like 4 times already. I do think that it has odd progression and the weird cutting out the main character for like 3 pages then the drunk call. It made it seem like it had no time for a better story to develop. If that makes sense?

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Well, I liked it. I want a sequel.

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Also the phone having the messages stacked on top of each other gives us a clue that she isn't looking at her phone and is avoiding Oosawa's texts.
I'm glad she was called an idiot. But in a way I'm also like "Damn it really went that way?"
But the fucking idiot part won me back. I was like yes! It was nice to get something unexpected for both the audience and Koga-san since I'm sure she didn't think Oosawa san would want anything to do with her afterwards.
Still part of me wishes it hadn't happened, yet that would be out of character for Koga-san to do in the first place.
And I completely agree that the "friend" should've turned down the offer. I just hope Oosawa san was still able to have some fun even if it was a huge bummer for Koga-san to ditch her like that without warning or trick her more like.

Oh GOD dudes edit: i just noticed that when Mitsuki is down and depressed her eyes are black and not colored in, BUT when she hears Oosawa san's voice they turn green. They brightened. OMG, that is adorable!!!!

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I think they can still make it to the show. RCHP is the headliner so they go on later after the opening bands play first.

"It's getting pretty late. I hope ... they are back from the show."

He's scratching his head.

Oh I see, music stuff on the table in front him, I'd missed that. Without that, I took, him apparently scratching the panel border as a stylized "worrying outside door".

Art denser and more chaotic than I'm used to.

What's the Japanese translated as "fucking idiot"?


In Japanese, this is a strong way to tell a person to quit messing around, or it is a way to express your anger at someone else who you feel is being an idiot. It isn't polite at all.

Hence, my take on it.

I'm coming out of the woodwork to comment on this. I think instead of "You fucking idiot!" a better phrase to use may be "Are you fucking kidding me?" or "Are you trying to fuck with me?" The meaning is a little different contextually.

The inner thoughts of Mizuki about not hearing it are also a little off for me personally. The translation is correct, but I think the meaning didn't carry across quite well. From pages 3 to 4, Mizuki is basically lamenting the fact that she's not an extrovert who'd just accept someone into her space/life easily. She's expecting Aya to ditch her to get back with Chizuru as friends. Mizuki doesn't think Chizuru would accept her as a friend and didn't think she'd be able to make another friend so soon after giving her full effort just to tell Aya the truth. There was a visible effort for Mizuki to not read what Aya is texting her about. So what she's really saying is "If I don't have to hear about it (Aya and Chizuru rekindle friendship), then I won't have to feel bad/rejected again/" She's essentially expecting to have lost an important friend. This is why the last panel is now showing us Aya is actually texting Mizuki saying "I'm coming over!"

So honestly, I think instead of saying "You're a fucking idiot!" which can be translated that way, it may be better to say "Are you fucking kidding me?!"


Ooooh! That makes so much more sense. Thanks, sometimes it's hard to get the meaning across.
Okay, yes. That is definitely something that warranted further explanation. Where the wording gets lost I think the art and general traits of the characters actually do get across in the subplots. Like how Koga is wanting to hide or not expose herself as Oni-san (concert to make up with Oosawa where she awkwardly wanted to become real friends). Or the look of sheer passion when talking about the song they were listening to. Etc. I don't wanna rumble. But I believe the author does a great job with story and visuals that way the right tone and meaning are conveyed. D

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Still a no from me. Yikes.

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Omg, I'm so happy it's ongoing usually wholesome manga I like end up being discontinued or dropped. So this is awesome! I hope for many re-prints!!!

Actually, I think Kurumi just hasn't comsidered Ruriko seriously. She still thinks in the terms of friendship, but decided to make an effort by adding the habe a date once a week rule.
I was surprised with the first hug and honestly expected a kiss (from Kurumi) but I appreciate the slow burn because they're still learning about each other while living together and are still friends, and not officially a couple yet. In fact, there was another manga like this well a few but the one that it reminds me of is "I Married My Best Friend To Shut My Parents Up" or in Japanese (Oya ga Urusai node Kouhai (♀) to Gisou Kekkon Shitemita).
Where they were friends and then feelings were developed and the marriage was no longer just a formality but a truth. I only got to read a few pages of it online before it got licensed. And being broke that's all I remember about it it came out in 2018.
But unlike Kodama Naoko this Mangaka will have a more lighthearted effect and impact. Even though the I married my best friend to shut my parents up was one of their happier mangas it still wasn't it for me. Like it was missing something.
This one has what it lacks. Healthy relationship where two people wanna help each other out.
I would argue that if Kurumi realized one day she actually likes Ruriko that maybe she would become like
... trying to think of a good example... basically I think she'd be a dere dere once she stops the baka-dere vibe lol she's just a little dense is all. But she does care about Ruriko just right now it's along the lines of "friendship" friends get friends gifts. Friends let people crash at their place. It's just the lines of friendship and until she understands or recognizes it could be more and not just the promise they made then that's probably when we could see her being more romantic. It's not that she isn't capable or even asexual. They are friends. And who knows.
We do have a future 3rd house meeting coming up so it could spice things up or they'd have a deeper relationship.

Edit: I'm an Ace/demi-sexual so I have nothing against representation. It's just from my view and opinion that Kurumi could be a late bloomer (as others have said).
Besides, she blushed so hard from a hug. Remember? She was all,"the heck was that?"

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How do I save this to my reading lists T-T

You use a reading list? I either keep 34 tabs open or remember the author or title to all the stuff I like.
And yes I'm able to do that.
I mean good for you using the feature idk I'm bragging about remembering shit. I'm sorry it's like 1am and I'm feeling uhhhh I guess like fighting? Bot really the right word but ya know like confident?

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I love reading through the translation notes at the end. the detail about the pun in the title is so cool! also love manga that are more concerned with adult relationships... I often feel that I've "aged out" of reading most yuri because so much of it takes place in a high school setting, so I really don't visit this site as often as I did when I was younger :(

Relatable. I'm 24 so I get that. I don't read as much high school stuff as I used to and tend to want to see more young adult or mature characters.
Like yeah sometimes it's okay, but it gets annoying. Give us "old" people something to read too damn it!
Like shit I gotta write it or what? Jk jk
I thought about it, but right now I don't have the time to sit and write. Like I was gonna do a high school story where we follow them into adulthood and shit instead of it ending at graduation because so basic and boring and predictable.

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Bruh that credits page was hilarious XD
I liked the feather metaphor. It made sense to me.

Or you could've said she doesn't want to be tied down, and she's as free as a bird/feather?
She's like a feather fluttering in the wind and people pick her up (and try taking her home to admire) but she slips through their fingers? That might have been too much LOL ignore me I caught the brain damage from that credits page.

Dude, I never thought I'd see a player tag end happy.
That was a good read and I love their art style. I'm actually here cause I wanted to see more of their stuff and I'm thrilled. The guy she had a crush on was a girl is so good!

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So like this?

Damn, well whatever maybe it doesn't work cause I'm on my phone?

I was trying to do it like the mods said to:
! []( link) no space then

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How are we not talking about how Oosawa saw flower petals and got one stuck to her forehead? XD That's so cute! Also anyone know what tye Japanese text behind is? Like internal screaming or her heating up sounding like a tea kettle?
I wish I understood how to insert an image instead of just a custom title to tap for the link to the page BUT here lol

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Imagine making your new best totally straight girl friend blush like that. Totally a straight girl move.

XD The irony in this is immense.
Imagine doing it at first for her reaction, and now just doing by accident. Hahaha!

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BRUH! XD This was soooooo worth the wait! XD Oosawa-san lost her mind/cool LOL
She can't be cool ...
when she's around Koga-san! (I forget names sorry if this isn't the right name y'all know what I'm talking about though).

I'm dying also the brothers are sooo adorable. Omg, when they went on and on about the lazer beams. These precious babies

lol and it's true younger brothers will never call their older sisters cute. Most siblings that are brother and sister won't. Sisters will compliment sisters though.

Edit: I realize I got the name right. But I often get confused cause of all the yuri mangas I'm following lol

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I am getting so tired of these lacklustre endings; just write the confession chapter?? It's so unfulfilling, and I don't understand the appeal both as an author and a reader of leaving it so... Inconclusive. I thought these days were over...

Same. I thought there would be a real end. But no. Just "Haha suckers! Got ya!"

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Shit, guys it's been licensed. Well, guess my broke ass will never know the end. Damn it...
I mean I'm happy for the creator. But fuck me man. Literally so many mangas to read... (T_T) :'/
RIP: My yuri cravings
They gonna starve. XD

The reader only removes content that has been released in English, and sometimes they just leave it up until a DMCA occurs. You're fine.

Thank God! Until it gets an English manga. Which could take 2 to 3 years, or never cause sometimes my fellow Americans still have a lot of hang ups.
Oh that reminds me Whispered Words never got an English translation and I re-read it all the time here.
Or Sasameki Koto if I'm spelling it correctly.

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This woman looks like Mindy from Torally Spies and I'm into it!

She totally looks like Mindy and it made the chapter even better (for me at least).

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I made the Demon King crap his pants

XD That's what the title should've been

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Shit, guys it's been licensed. Well, guess my broke ass will never know the end. Damn it...
I mean I'm happy for the creator. But fuck me man. Literally so many mangas to read... (T_T) :'/
RIP: My yuri cravings
They gonna starve. XD

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Dude, I would kill to have Asumi x Nanao just for a little bit. They seem like a sweet pairing.
Bruh, she backed out! Ahhh! I was so mad. Goddamnit why!? C'mon man. They've already bathe together twice so honestly they could communicate or have a little mutual understanding about trying to date or having sex if that's want they both want.
And since we've had nsfw things in nearly every chapter this one kind of seems low-risk/low-reward. That fake out confession infatuated me to no end.
It just felt kinda bland in comparison.
Still I'm hoping that Nanao finds a damn backbone and confesses for real.
Then have senpai get her own room to leave them to "talk" it out, or whatever they need to do winks Haha! I could totally see Senpai joking like that.
Anyway, it was a sort of nice filler chapter, but it would've been better if the confession had been real. All I'm saying.

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I don't think there'll be a threesome, neither Nanao nor Asumi are ready for it and the manga seems to clearly want to keep Senpai out of Asumi's harem.
But I can certainly see Senpai trying to push Nanao and Asumi towards each other

I mean, Asumi is the only one of the three that actually has had a threesome before. I think senpai'd be less ready for it than her

I'm inclined to agree. Senpai is the kind of person to tease or be weird to get a reaction, but the moment it's serious to get cold feet about it (either for herself or for in this case her kouhai/under-classmates).
Like that time she said something about Asumi and her getting it on (doing something sort of sexual) then she said "Nah, I guess not." Or something like that. I forgot which chapter it was. I'll go look in a moment since I'm caught up at the this time.

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Damn, just straight up calling her her crush

No "oh no what does this mean what are these feelings" nope. "Oh turns out I'm still VERY ATTRACTED TO HER. I know what THAT means."

Good shit

It so is! I love it! No denial just acceptance

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Me every Sunday: "It can't really get any better than this, really".
This manga every next Sunday: "You are wrong AGAIN!"

I felt this! XD

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Bruh, why does it look like Mitsuki has magic marler on her forehead? XD (Chiiiill it's a joke, but yeah hair looks a little different this time.)
And awesome we got to see side characters as teens. That mohawk was awesome! Bro! Grow it back! XD
They got cleansed I'm dying XD