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Tragedy? Depressing as fuck?

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that last page hit me hard ughhhh

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it seems like Chitose thinks she's genuinely doing a favor for the people in the town. really enjoying this manga.

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And now they're eyes of acceptance.

Albeit,there are cracks in the system that the mermaid clearly has to go around and plug herself,possibly with the power to detect an imminent crack.

Being blind probably alleviates that,but then you have the issues that come with it.

Makes me wonder if the world the mermaid has created will crumble down around her one day...

Somehow I missed the parallel between the blind cat and how the villagers are "blind" to the mermaid. Great catch.

Indeed,a great catch.

And now she has caught another one into becoming something far more then just a clouded over puppet.

The crumbling is about to accelerate to straight up mom eating.

What this also means is that ignoring the mermaid isn't the same as not seeing the mermaid,for she can still see you.

Also,the only thing scarier then that would be the amount of times I had to bash the refresh button just to get Dynasty to load.

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reading this makes me feel deeply uncomfortable, which means the author is doing a fantastic job

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She totally ate that bird. We can see the feathers on the ground.

Also, it's tagged yuri on Pixiv and all Japanese sites, so there should be some eventually, even if it's not the main theme.

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oh no.

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Fuuuuck. This will only go downhill.

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Okkkk I finally figured out what is happening here.

Ichika was gay, she did something and her mother got rid of her to start a new family, leaving here in an “inaka” town. The mermaid is kinda this freedom monster (no other word for it). Ichika is legitimately suicidal, the mermaid comes and saves her by helping her come out.
She develops a relationship with the mermaid.

Satsuki is interested in going out to the real world, the neighboring town. You can tell that Ichika is not really into leaving the town but Satsuki really wants to go. Chitose boards the bus and tells satsuki not to leave, and Ichika of course agrees letting Satsuki know it’s best where they are. This is because bigots exist outside the city.

Now we come to Haruna. She seems to come from a town very close to chitose’s town. The people there call her a new name and that saying it is dangerous to just ignore it. But back in chitose’s town Ichika and Satsuki actually interact with her.

Haruna is spiraling because her community is imposing rules and such, it causes Haruna to slowly turn into a monster because she’s basically suffocating. Chitose could have taken her to her bubble town but because society had a strangle on her, she became a closeted self loathing, thing.

So yes Chitose is terrifying but also she’s helping some of the girls. It’s mentioned that some are in-between mermaid and human and Id need to read more to understand what that means but I think this is basically the jist of the manga.

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Not even grandma is safe from hot mermaid.

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RIP Froggie. :-(

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it seems like Chitose thinks she's genuinely doing a favor for the people in the town. really enjoying this manga.

Yup. Chitose's not a straightforward villain; she's inhuman but not malicious, she "just" can't understand humans on a fundamental level, so her attempts to help them and/or alleviate her loneliness go...badly.

Really curious to see how her relationship with Ichika develops from here.

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Well shit, Chitose is just an old, socially isolated person desperately years for human connection. She is so old, she is out of touch with the world, yet also has superpowers that make her lacking understanding dangerous to others and appear to literally hold the entire town back in a time that Chitose can still comprehend. That last page is basically dead giveaway: an older person mistaking you for your similar looking grandparent because she's forgotten what year it is...

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School kids: "Ew, look! A frog!"

Chitose: "Yamenasai!"

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Yeah so she truly is just trying to find a companion to tide eternity over with. It's halfway understandable if you've spent so much time alone. Finally found someone to be with and then found yourself alone again.

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Aw granny Reiko was Chitose's first friend as a mermaid ;_;

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Well that was extremely sweet and equally depressing wasn't it?
Thanks for the chapter!

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Dang, great chapter. Growing up is hard, people change, move away or get busy with work and family so you can't hang out like you used to in high school. But you understand and accept it because you're also changing and doing your thing, but not Chitose. She is immortal, she will stay a teenager forever while her friends change, grow old, build families and die. So I guess she decided the only way she won't be lonely is by traping the people there.

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Poor Grandma's big brother and poor little mermaid....

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Chitose says she doesn't eat humans, but doesn't she turn them into water-dwelling creatures, somehow?

Also, this is the last manga I had expected Communism in, but here we are. :-)

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Will volume 2 be all about expanding on previous stories? It would be neat.

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Poor Chitose. She isn't human even if she looks like one, and she really didn't attack even when she could have. While her eating live animals is unpleasant, she's literally a non-human magical being.

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Man I feel bad for our cute mermaid...

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