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"I'm not like other people".

Actually, you are not alone.

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This manga is so hilariously relatable. I remember the summer before I started grad school, less than a year after starting HRT, and I ran into a lab mate at a pride dance night at a local queer bar. I was dressed in a black goth dress and had the baby trans femme special giant collar on. My lab mate and I talked a bit that night, danced a bit together, and then after a couple weeks of getting to know each other she invited me to a party which ended up being my first kink event.

It was absolutely wild, and a life changing experience. The first of many such events and helped setup the basis of my friend and support network while I was in that city. Really kickstarts your body acceptance journey when you see pretty much everything a queer body can be, unfiltered, in person.

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Before this chapter's end I had a feeling Rollo might have had an idea, which was confirmed, and despite the last chapter's eccentric characters appear I was not ready for the full-kink party club that was presented I actually busted out laughing.

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Awwwww :((((

My dear, he is literally wearing a sexy bunny suit. He is not likely to be transphobic even if he knows you aren't cis!

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I just wanna give her a big ol hug.

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it gave you anxiety?
was it because of the way the dude was drawn?
He just had yaoi face though.
Okay, that's still a red flag, but...

I meant in the more general sense of how cismen can react violently to finding out a woman they're attracted to is trans.

Still, I maintain that I'm not worried at all. I'm betting that the rest of bunnyman's line next chapter will be "-need proper padding," or something along those lines!

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My guess about what's going to happen in the next chapter:

"Forgive me if I'm wrong, but you.... are you a breast cancer survivor???"

He's KINDA close to being right, if my guess is correct.

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Ch7 Page 17 is a whole panic attack perfectly condensed into a single panel... That poor dear. :x

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