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Wtf just happened lmao

A speed-run kidnaping heh

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Wow I think that had to break the world record for the fastest abduction in the history of them... This chapter was all over the place and chaotic.

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OMG that plot convenience...

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I was feelin' like "oh that drama about her running away was cleared up really fast", and then just as fast bam, more different drama

The pacing is getting all over the place in this one

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So she just randomly grew an ahoge and it had an actually useful function...

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So she just randomly grew an ahoge and it had an actually useful function...


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Guarantee it's gonna just gloss over the fact that kidnapping is illegal.

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What the heck is going on

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wtf just happened?

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They didn't even get to check out of the hotel

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She's so being scammed out of all her money and go back at being an office lady with everyone mocking her behind her back.

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She's so being scammed out of all her money and go back at being an office lady with everyone mocking her behind her back.

I bet a box of chocs that at some point somebody will tell her to pay all her fortune, everything she has, as a ransom for Tenma's freedom... and Mariya will gladly give away all her money for Tenma's sake, up to the last cent!

Then maybe (or maybe not) it'll turn out it was just a test of her love for Tenma or something.

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It looks MC and her freeloader waifu are being kidnapped to go overseas to possibly meet the Freeloader's rich father(?). kidnapping is legal and ignored if done by the rich and shady XD

.....MC should have really hired some professional body guards but well guess she didn't have enough time to considering the kidnapping and attempt runaway by her freeloader waifu happen the next day after meeting the random suit goon. Ugh don't you guys hate it when you get kidnapped and be forced to meet your waifu's parents in-laws...

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well this manga went completely off the rails in one chapter

not what I expected but… I do want to see how it plays out

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I don't know what's going on but I will keep on reading because I love paderapollo art style like all the manga pics go so hard

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This just turned into a full blown slapstick comedy? I'm in.

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Of all the freeloader pretty girls in the world, she had to start raising the runaway daughter of the boss of a Colombian drug cartel.

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This was kinda wild from the outset but I love how increasingly batshit it's getting. Sooner or later this is going to be about an alien invasion or something.

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A 747 as a private jet? Thats one hell of a private jet

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Feels like a comedy from the 2000's.

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Pretty much the same vibes as "And Thus I Was Picked Up By My Boss's Daughter".

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ah I see, we're going to get a plotpoint of Mariya running out of money and then the situation is going to flip on its head and she's going to become the freeloader when Tenma turns out to be the daughter of a billionaire or some shit

okay so I was right on the money with this series, not that I dislike it for that but I guess I just really saw where this was heading from the start.

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I love how Tenma's tantrum is about a desire to be a responsible adult

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