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I feel like she's going to finally get around to confessing and her friends going to be like "Haven't we been dating for years? Why do you think I keep stealing your shirts?"

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wow this is adorable. can't wait for more. thanks y'all <3

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such quick development, let's goooooooooooooo

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Gotta love those oh moments. My favorite genre.

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congratulations on your marriage!

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I'm dead from sugar overload

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I like this one

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awwwwwwww already so wholesome

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sweet yeah, but some sour stuff can make the sweetness more sweet, hoping for some drama or aangst as well

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I am so ready for this! it looks wholesome, cant wait for more

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From the way they've been acting they're already together anyway. Looking forward to see how this develops though, seems cute

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Oh my god this is perfect, can't wait for Chapter 2.

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lol thought it was going be angsty for a second there then she was like "nope, f*ck that, I want her for myself!" 11/10

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Cant wait for more, so exciting to have a new series !

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Looks promising. Character designs are on point, which is always a plus.

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Those silly gals being pals.

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I'm hoping that the next chapter starts with Yuzu answering something along the lines of "Nah, I ain't into that shit," then bumping into Minami on the way out and starting to literally sparkle, obvious signs of solid camaraderie between the two.

Jokes aside, I actually am expecting Yuzu to already have realized her own feelings and to be the one with their hands on the reins, for lack of a better term. Actually, the one steering the ship would probably be better, but yeah, I'm expecting this sort of dynamic, with Minami the one who just realized and will be a bumbling mess henceforth and Yuzu, whose reaction would probably be "did you really figure it out just now?" I'm probably going to love this one. I mean... the game was rigged from the start, really.

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Gosh even those cats are cute!

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Can't wait for the second part since the japanese version is already up hehehe

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this is so sugary sweet its just what i need. thank you sooo much

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Why was the beginning removed?

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Oh well i want to see some funny seduction tactics from here onwards

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That is an unnatural amount of resolve for the second chapter of a yuri manga. Lets see where it goes.

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