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Wohooo awesoooome , adoraable. Yuri with hair stylist theme is surprisingly popular but I love all of them. Thaaanksmfor the work!!!!

riverFlower Uploader
The Golden Orchid
joined Jan 19, 2017

Cute one-shot! Pretty typical plot but pretty artwork and eyes.

joined Aug 17, 2020

I like her hair long but I can't say I dislike her decision for cutting it short like that. That's one step to yuri let's go

joined Aug 21, 2017

This is a pretty nice and standard story.

joined May 20, 2013

Age Gap + Jealousy with a good ending is so cathartic. ♥

princess_daphie Uploader
joined Feb 1, 2021

Noooooooooooooo to cutting her hair so short, but yes to being honest with herself and telling her, haha!

joined Apr 23, 2021

cute story owo
(apart from scumbag harassment-san. he can rot)

joined Oct 11, 2021

Hair can grow and so love.

joined Oct 17, 2017

Very relatable misunderstanding trope. Kayo-nee is very pretty!

joined Nov 27, 2017

The unbridled confidence that accompanies a new short haircut. Oh to be young.

joined Feb 20, 2019

My heart!! Too much sugar <333
joined May 28, 2015

She should have sued the manager or get him kick out.

joined Jan 9, 2017

What kinda kind of little boys gives a dang about messy hair

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This is the kind of sugary sweet yuri I live for.

joined May 5, 2021

She probably got rejected

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It had a theme it stuck with through the entire thing, even the ending, which I highly appreciate. Too many stories try to go for a theme and drop it or just use it when convenient. Even multi-chapter stories tend to make this mistake. Aside from that it was "the usual" but done great. Also considering that small picture on the last page, I'll consider that they got something going.

A sweet story with a consistent theme, a little bit of drama to stir things up, and a happy ending.

joined Jan 18, 2016

AHHHHH so cute
i love a good sweet short story.

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sanshouowo Uploader
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joined Jul 10, 2021

cute n gay except that part with the guy

She probably got rejected

y do u have no dreams? :(

joined Sep 5, 2019

How could these yuri authors end doujins like this?

joined Jun 24, 2021

really makes you think if kayo was a bad person, would mii-chan still like her? mii-chan's love formed for her as a result of her hairstyling, which then extended out to her as a person. would we have achieved this same ending had kayo been a bad person? is art something that should be separated with the artist? because art is so personal, artists cannot be separated from their creations. the meaning of a piece of art to its creator is exactly what makes it art. but the answer to this question isn't as simple as just "yes". Because if we separate the art from the artist, then it also means that the art cannot justify the actions of the person. just because someone invented the iPhone, doesn't mean we can let him get away from being a terrible person. i think this question is just a matter of perspectice, as there is no one singular answer. this is a subjectice issue, not an objective one. in the end, even if kayo was a bad person, perhaps mii-chan's feelings wouldn't change at all.
this made me go on an unnecessarily long tangent.
anyway, the story was short but sweet

joined Mar 25, 2021

The ending is so underwhelming need more ;-;

Also, the user above me is gay.

joined Mar 22, 2021

Oh wow this was soo good. I love the heading with how she want back to the hair style when she was young and confessed. Would love a nice sequal to see them going out. Also that girl needs to quit that salon if her manager is trying to force her to kiss like thats just awful.

joined Aug 28, 2016

absolutely brilliant!!

joined Jan 19, 2015

This is cute and all but where are my 3 follow up chapters?

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