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Oh wow, I just realized this is by the same Mangaka as Marry Grave, the story just started to seem familiar and I looked it up after realizing the art style is similar. Thats freaking dope, i was so sad when Marry Grave got cancelled, I hope this story goes better.

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The Dark Lord's hidden porn stash, incredible lmao

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So considering I noticed Soara's necklace has the same design as that of the architect mentor I wondered if there was anything from the previous chapters that could allow me to figure out its significance to her. Turns out this is the first chapter she's had that necklace, she just straight up didn't have it any previous time you should have been able to see it so while I'm certain the author is using it to build towards something I'm also pretty certain this is a development they came up with while making this or the flashback chapter and no earlier.

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Oh baby,things be heating up more then a dawrf in a hot spring.

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Next chapter: building a house for a cosmic horror.

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This is my jam...! Reminds me of those old OVAs about random fantasy worlds with their own unstated internal logic and like really fun and detailed toy playsets. The art is also mega tier

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i like the smoking in this manga. is it from china?

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