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OrangePekoe Admin
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This is great, the level of utter silliness is much appreciated. All the TL notes reminded me of the pain of learning Mahjong from scratch, but now I'm kinda in the mood to pick it up again!

Also, thanks so much to DB as always, for keeping the spirit of Touhou alive, even as the rest of scanlation scene here has more or less moved on. Keep up the great work!

joined Apr 30, 2020

This reminds me of the time when I played Mahjong online via Tenhou. Had a lot of fun while fumbling around all the rules you have to juggle with.

I can imagine the future chapters will only get crazier, since everyone pretty much everyone has superpowers.

joined Oct 1, 2020

I know nothing about mahjong, so I was pretty much just chirping "Richi!" along with Youmu like a confused cheerleader.

With that being said, this still seems like it'll be a fascinating, hilarious sports manga. The comedic moments were on point, and Youmu 'Brain Empty No Thoughts' Konpaku is a pretty good protagonist for this type of setup. I'm still mildly disappointed that each chapter won't end with her losing her temper and cleaving the whole freaking board in half, though.

PS: Thanks, DB Scans. I shrivel up if I don't get a certain amount of Touhou per week, so you're a blessing.

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Can’t predict your opponent (or read her mind) if she has absolutely no idea what she’s doing!

Also, at the TL on pg20, ‘And I’d say he knows a little bit more about fighting than you do, pal, because he INVENTED IT.’

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Surely nobody could beat Remilia to the point where it’d be futile to even attempt to play against her. How can you beat a natural tsumo with 4 dora on the first turn every single round?

joined Jun 5, 2018

By stopping time and cheating.

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Woah, Saki looks a little different...

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This is reminding me of the Mahjong scene in Crazy Rich Asians. I looked up the explanation/symbolism but still felt like I was missing a big part. Same here even with all the AN but I love watching them play and the art is very cute (as expected from a Touhou work).

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Almost losing a house like that.... Yuyuko got some serious problem.

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Damn was hoping Youmu lose, life would be interesting for her.

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Mystia: I shall use my sinister, eldritch power to create melodies that induce insanity in the minds of-
Youmu: I will cut you, bitch.

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Rinnosuke will be the final boss, and his special ability is: to actually know how to play this game! (I know, or rather believe, that they do play correctly, but he actually knows how to play without any abilities.)

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Another adorable chapter! I like how Mahjong has kinda replaced danmaku battles here. It opens up so many possibilities!

Taoism vs Buddhism dispute: Mahjong.
Remilia nagging at Patchouli to get out of her old dusty library once in a while: Mahjong.
Eirin having enough of Kaguya’s NEET tendencies: Mahjong.
Yukari peeping in on Reimu taking a bath, Reimu throwing a Mahjong set in her face.

Thanks scanlators for the many TNs and making it easier for me to follow what the heck is going on.

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I dont think the author quite cares about their actual abilities

joined Jan 23, 2016

Mahjong is a sport?

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This is just madness! Saki on steroids, with regular uploads, finished art and quick pacing. Insanity. Who was the other self before sanae? Reisen? And if the moon cast is represented, can we please get yorihime, where she summons various gods to do her bidding? Oh, Reimu might very well be the final boss, since her ability is (always has been, but all too forgotten) to fly over reality, basically sanaes ability and ignores everything else.

Mistress Trupin
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So...Eirin has drugs that make you hood at mahjong

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So I guess playing against Sanae means having the CLG principle in effect.

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The new chapter is here! Also Eirin, what other concoctions can you make to make you play better in games like these?

Nekona Shirofumi
joined Mar 30, 2021

mg mg mg

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Fucking love mahjong and touhou. Having so much fun! Best thing is, I was a bit depressed a while back after learning how the Akagi manga ended, so this manga arrived in good timing for me~
Maybe I'll get to play with my friends tomorrow, should I use youmu's strategies~? :B

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That hand on the cover tho.

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I have no idea what's happening but it's awesome

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Me neither, but I know that a comeback wouldnt be good if the odds arent against you. Will we get the chance to see Reimu play someday? And I want the moon sisters to make an appereance too. Its my dream.

Marion Diabolito
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Now I want that weird Kobayashi Ritsu doujin to include this challenger!

Also, the true purpose of being a magical girl is always mahjong

thought: Alice doesn't need to leave her seat. nor attack directly. just let Shanghai, Hourai and Medicine do as they please.

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