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ch5, pg 296, "don't want try" -> "don't want to try"

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Its a novel feeling reading about kiki's demons, because where i come from we associate height with elegance

That's generally true in the US, but I don't know how many lovely tallish women I've known or heard of (including * blush * my own mother) who felt hideously self-conscious as gawky teenagers, especially at that stage when adolescents are growing at wildly different rates (and at first girls are often outpacing the boys).

I think part of it is how much Japan still has the "nail that sticks out gets hammered down" mentality.

Edt: Plus the height averages in Japan are shorter than I think any Western country? Though I might be wrong there. I also don't think being tall is part of the beauty culture in Japan...but I might also be wrong there as well lol

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Im gonna be real, I wasn't too interested from the first chapters, but you know, i'm actually starting to feel some good potential here, this feels really nice to read for some reason.

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word. Kick that curse to the curb.

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Excuse my ignorance: what is that "second volume course" they mentioned?

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