ForumNews Happy 10th birthday Kawaii Scans

drpepperfan Admin
joined Oct 12, 2010

Happy birthday to Kawaii Scans. 10 years of yuri manga and Miss Sunflower. Here's hoping for 10 more.

Please sing the Kawaii Anthem to celebrate.

joined Mar 21, 2019

Crazy to think it has been that long. Happy Birthday, and I hope we continue to have more of Himawari-san.

joined Feb 17, 2013

Happy birthday- and damn that makes me feel old lol. Thanks for all the work on one of my fav manga.

joined Sep 11, 2019

Every scan that bring us the joy of the Yuri genre deserves the best wishes...Happy Birthday keep with the great job

joined Aug 1, 2015

Happy birthday! 10 years went by in a flash.

joined Aug 19, 2020

I'm late, but happy birthday. Thank you so much for all the work that you've done over the years.

joined Jun 13, 2016

Happy birthday! thank you guys always

joined Jul 28, 2015

Happy birthday Kawaii Scans! Thank you for introducing me to 2 of my favorite series: Miss Sunflower, and The Feelings We All Muse Endure!

joined May 20, 2013

2 days before my birthday. Nice. Happy basude~

joined Mar 16, 2017

Happy birthday Kawaii Scans!! Thanks for scanlating some of my favorite manga!

joined Sep 30, 2017

Happy Birthday Kawaii Scans!!! Thank you for your effort and to many more to come!!!

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joined Aug 17, 2020

Happy birthday! Keep up the good work!

joined Jan 17, 2017

Happy belated birthday Kawaii Scans! Your work on manga like 'The Feelings We All Must Endure' has brought me much enjoyment over the years

joined Nov 18, 2018

Happy birthday!!!

joined Dec 27, 2014

Happy birthday! Thanks for all the hard work!!

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