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Yuriwhale and Fire Emblem?


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I'm the one who suggested Edelgard x Byleth x Rhea on Yuriwhale's last poll on patreon, so I'm very glad it's finally here. Very much worth the wait.

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I'm a bit surprised that it took this long for Yuriwhale to do a Fire Emblem thing.

Also lmao at Rhea's reaction to Sothis on the last page. Turns out the title was foreshadowing all along!

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Comedy tag where?

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Before reading it: This is going to be good...

After: Nicely done.

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sees an elf

pushes her head down. Lmao that was hilarious

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Looks at Edelgard's chin tilt

Is this Yuriwhale?

Checks author


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A wonderful story. Pure yuri action and everyone is happy.

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sees tags Whaaaaat theeee heeeeck?

sees author Oohhhhhhhh.... That checks out.

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As soon as I saw Yuriwhale, I knew I was in for a great ride. Did not disappoint.

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My favorite panel was Edelgard feeding Byleth cake. Something about that adorable, derpy face tickles me!

Also, how does Rhea react if you marry Sothis?

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some levels of fucked up here

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I live for Shamir

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Fuck yes! I hoped Yuriwhale would get around to some 3 Houses smut eventually, and it's glorious.

My favorite bit is that gentle abs-touch on page 2.

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I live for Shamir

Shamir on page 17 is perfection.

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"Make love, not war."

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When I saw the everyone tag I was kinda expecting everyone :c Nonetheless it was great (lack of others tho)

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ah yes, the birth of a new tag with a great author to boot

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... Why is the "Everyone x Everyone" tag suffixed with "(FE)"???

GaleBlue posted:
...that was a boobie penetration?

I don't think so. Seems more like she's doing a close inspection, and she's busty enough that her boobs will unavoidably squish against Edelgard's butt in the process.

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... Why is the "Everyone x Everyone" tag suffixed with "(FE)"???

Because Touhou already have one

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I find Byleth + Rhea to be disturbing, its like King Oedipus but intentional

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That owl, reminding me of the time I realized I wasn’t even having fun anymore playing that game

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I was robbed! This is the work I green-lit to be an American TV rom-com. Not that other thing!

And when I got to the orgy, my mother had already left! But then she didn't want to go home naked, so she came back for her ermine choker, but I had already left with your Aunt Yuri and your Aunt Komadoriko. I guess she saw me leaving and told her girlfriends she saw a girl with a wonderful ass.

Wait, you mean even though you both adopted us we're your step-sisters?

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