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For some reason I always love this kinda story where it seems like a character is about to deliver some devastating news and it turns out to be something like "honey, I really need you to piss on me". Idk, it's jarring in a cute way kinda

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Watersports! Here I cum!

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Considering the story where these two came from, I was not expecting that as the big reveal. Suddenly the water motifs in their side story makes a lot more sense now, lol.

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I do think it's very funny that Mizuki is all like "oH DOOM AND GLOOM FOR WE CANAUGHT BE TOGETHER TRULY I HAVETH A SECRET MOST FOUL" and Nana is just like "you have a piss fetish it's fine, I love you and I don't mind giving you what you want"

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Lmao all that build up for a piss fetish. Love this author

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Watersports! Here I cum!

HYPE for the sport

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lmao, Yoshitomi's next-level with their comedy at times

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I don't remember anyone peeing themselves in school after kindergartend. And it certainly didn't happen enough for my friends and I to sit around speculating about who would it happen to next.

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Peons, all of you!

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Watersports aint for me, but if those two are happy, I’m happy for em. I love this author

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Problem? No problem.

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Kinks aside, it is actually a masochism.

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These days it may be easier to come out as gay than to come out as a pee enjoyer

What do you think?

I'm Dennis Prager.

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I KNEW that photo would win! Having that pervert face is enough! lol

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They relationship become more reciprocated, hell

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Updated on MD, submitted to Dynasty

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Wait a fricking moment. What happened with Kyouko's answer?
She should have given a definite yes or no by now!

In chapter 17 she promised to make her decision at the end of their date.

In chapter 18 we find them in the middle of their date.

In chapter 19 the date is over, it looks like it's the following day... AND STILL NO ANSWER?!?!?

I want my money back!!! (Oh right I didn't pay anything...)

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What if Kyouko is het?

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Well, no surprises there.

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What if Kyouko is het?

Well, she doesn't seem to think about boys more than Miku or other girls. She might be on the ace spectrum, though. Or she's just really repressed...

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We finally got the kiss!!

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Wooooo sucking faces

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I think that pretty clearly answers people's questions about Kyouko above. I think it's important to remember that they're still teens and figuring this out. It's not a bad thing for Kyouko to take some time and figure out how she feels. Just because Miku figured it out years before doesn't mean Kyouko is slow or has to move at the same pace.

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