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joined Apr 24, 2020

Well well, this is going to be a wild ride and I'm in for it neck-deep.

joined Feb 24, 2019

This was a really good first chapter. Their time in the hotel room was just so sweet! I would be happy if these two became a couple in the story, but even if they don't I still look forward to seeing where this story goes. Hopefully there's a good story to tell.

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I see Shuninta I click and read it.. when is the next chapter coming? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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joined Dec 5, 2019

This was reeeeaaallly good. Love me some adult problems and honest sexual desire. Let's see where it goes

joined Feb 16, 2018

A new series by Amano Shuninta always feels both ominous and exciting

joined Jun 3, 2015

I'm always on board for some Amano Shunita.

Also this might be the first time I've seen "I'm on good terms with HR" as a threat in fiction. I'm glad she got out of there.

schuyguy Uploader
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I don't think this is what "gay for pay" means. She's a prostitute, but she's not just acing gay for the money. She's just a prostitute who happens to be gay.

joined Jun 29, 2015

It has been 4,5 years since we have new Shuninta serial?? Dang Im excited

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joined Jan 11, 2019

That's pretty funny

runrin Uploader
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havent seen the raws, but the title page typsetting looks amazing. a+++ renessia

joined May 7, 2017

ooh boy, interesting 360, Shuninta-sensei still got it!

joined Aug 17, 2019

While I love me some fluff, I also love some realistic stories. This one, while not 1 to 1 with reality, shows a good deal of potential, I mean, as bad rep working in the sex industry has, it is nice to see the story of someone doing said job and actually enjoying it.

So, I am looking forward for the next chapter.

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Idk why but the scanlations connection to KEI from after hours at the end somehow touched me lmao I'm a sucker for after hours so I'll most likely try to keep updated on this story :) its pretty good so far

joined Apr 8, 2019

Oh, this is the same author as Ayame 14. She definitely pushes into more taboo topics like polyamory, masturbation, and now prostitution. I think that's a good thing though. The whole lesbian experience is more than just two girls who meet and fall in love and the manga ends when they get together. Sure, not EVERY lesbian sleeps around or does all that, but it is nice to see people from all walks of life be represented.

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In quite a few panels Ryou looked an awful lot like Hina from Kindres Spirits on the Roof.

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havent seen the raws, but the title page typsetting looks amazing. a+++ renessia

Aww, thank ya for noticing! I'm putting a lot of work into this one :)

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Shuninta's heroines are always useless (at least at first).

And she never shies of making some of her characters "bad guys".

Reminds me of "The feelings we all must endure".

Well, at least her endings are always somewhat conclusive.

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joined Nov 5, 2017

Wonder how many chapters this will be.

joined May 3, 2020

Not bad, somehow I like the first chapter

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I don't understand why some people are against this, but you do you.

I personally am very interested because this seems original and refreshing. And Amano Shuninta is definitely a positive (I still love her oneshot - Dream at Dawn)

Call me out for dreaming too big like I did with that 'Haru to Midori' story, but I want to see Ryou help Rin grow into herself and become confident and secure in life before they start dating.

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taboo topics like polyamory, masturbation, and now prostitution

Masturbation is taboo?

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Annabeth_96 posted:

I don't understand why some people are against this, but you do you.

Like porn, prostitution is a complex subject, especially for women.

Is it empowering or demeaning? Your take.

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I feel like the first chapter was more pay for gay than gay for pay since the woman being played seems to already be a lesbian? Interesting premise and looking forward to more

joined Jun 1, 2016

Interested to see where this goes next.

joined Nov 9, 2019

"Thank god i'm not working in that creepy company anymore!"

" So now that i'm unemployed, I should become a lesbian escort instead!!!"

Fucking random women who understand what they're paying for and respect you for what you're doing is a step up from working for a boss that wants to pressure you into things you didn't sign up for.

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