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Mei x Rinna!!! <3

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Lmfao this is both sweet and hilarious, also damn 52 comments on only the first chapter? seems like good news too, sign me up.

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She's had these powers her whole life, but for some reason thought she could avoid love at an all girls school? Protagonist is an idiot.

To be fair she ws in middle school and lower till now- girls have only recently started being interested in romance- say within the last year for most- and since she was in a co-ed school it makes sense the vast majority would have been het arrows. Im sure she saw the odd girl girl arrows - but thought she would be away from MOST of it in an all girl school.

I think its more the amount than that it exists at all. And she certainly didnt expect 2 of them to have feelings for HER personally.

And on day 1, no less. AND they end up in the same dorm! Poor girl really hit the jackpot struck out.

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No oblivious protagonist here.

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Mei's skills:

Mystic eyes of love perception

Harem protagonist: Rank EX

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Suddenly there's a lot of love triangle Manga and I'm getting sick of it aughh

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Rather than friends i hope she makes lots of lovers that will make her think love isnt just all about negative things

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I've decided I'm never getting involved with romance again

Famous Last Words.

I'm impressed by the way Sayo understands Mei doesn't want love (yet) & is trying to be a good friend instead.

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^Yup- she says that but she hasn't ever been IN love herself- only suffered fallout from being involved in others situations. She won't understand its power and alure properly till she feels it herself imo.

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^ What if she turns out to be aro/ace tho? (Highly unlikely, since she's the protagonist of a yuri manga, but not impossible)

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Anyways, unrelated to that question I literally just asked - when it comes to possible ships, I don't know yet which camp I'm in (quite similar to the "who to root for situation" for the upcoming CBRX Season 2). I'd put a screenshot of Iroha saying "I don't know what to make of this" as a meme here, but, unfortunately, I'm on the wrong phone rn (the screenshot is on my phone, but I'm currently using my brother's). Still, promising story, this is.

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It kinda reminds me a bit of Parasite Pal, but it seemed so nice and funny I can't wait to read more (・ω・)

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Poly route or I riot. The cute pink colors are a delight to see though

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Threesome is the solution

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The premise feels like it should lead to a lot of drama, but it's been pretty comedic so far. I'm guessing we're heading towards a poly end?

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i can smell the poly coming...

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Should have the NSFW and Threesome tag for page 33
Double hand-holding is too lewd to have no warning

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Well well, another yuri good for teams.
Team Sayo, Team Rinna.

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Plot twist: the other girls can also see love arrows.

And other people have arrows that see who is hungry, angry, and hangry.

But it's really easy to see those 3 without the arrows.

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She's kinda having a lot of girl problems, I feel bad for her, son...

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I still want to understand the reason why there's two different types of arrows. Is it significant or just something random the author throws in.

I think that the different types arrows of love, are based off how they present themselves/their personality, I guess at least.

I was kind of thinking something similar too. Since Sayo has the same as the mom's and Rin as the dad's. Maybe Sayo just has more that gentler and motherly feel which she definitely shown while Rin has more protective side. Just my two cents.

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Well this looks promising

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Let the shipping wars commence!

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Cute...I'm liking all the characters and their vibe together so as of now I'm leaning towards an ot3 end

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Fukatsu's arrow looks very direct and forceful, while Sayo's arrow looks more like a heart... and a devil's tail. Oh boy.
Also, this manga reminds me of this:

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