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So this is Iris Zero yuri version... me like xD

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joined Jul 28, 2019

It's not just two types of arrows, though. shows that each person has a unique arrow.

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I like what I saw. Will keep an eye on this one.

joined Dec 30, 2018

Nice more poly manga

joined May 28, 2018

Seems the arrows are just an aesthetic real deeper meaning

joined Mar 27, 2019

I’m not much for poly but I really want this relationship to be poly

Tsuki-chan Uploader
Chads no Teikoku
joined Dec 18, 2013

love this, thanks for translating!

joined Oct 22, 2018

Let the shipping wars commence!

Let's not?...

joined Jun 25, 2019

Let's wait till the author add more peoples.

Mistress Trupin
joined Jul 24, 2018

Is this published in a magazine? If it is, I wonder if the publisher has to pay more for the extra pink colors

DR2 Hajime Hinata
joined Jul 20, 2016

I'm a bit iffy on the love triangle, those never end well. Oh well, let's see what happens

Firefly Fanatic
joined Feb 22, 2019

I hope she has the chance to see when the other two fall in love with each other as well as her

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and they were roommates!

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and they were roommates!

oh my god, they were roommates.

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Has nice potential for poly series. Or...maybe a teacherxstudent plot too. The main point of this manga, and hopefully the mangakas do it right, is seeing the MC falling in love. Please do not fuck it up guys.

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I want my Mei x Rina hehe
This manga sound good I like it

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Yup you cant escape from their love the moment you three became roommates no chance of changing their feelings for you (( ´︶`)

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I'm already attached to all of them. I'll definitely get hurt by the end of this manga :')

joined Feb 16, 2020

hate love triangles but what I hate more is poly so plEase dont go to that route

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I was JUST thinking that there's a huge lack of love triangle Yuri manga, and then, this pops up. And it has a pretty unique premise. It says love triangle for now, but let's see if any other interesting characters appear.

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I kind of wish this one has a twist ending with these two raging lesbians getting together, and then they leave the poor romance-phobic girl alone... Oh well. I'm sure the author will drag out the agony since she already gave herself 3 full years to do so.


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I love this manga!!! I really really like it and I am looking forward for it's next chapter. a story about a high school girl with the ability of seeing the loveones of others are just too awesome and it is super thrilling to read, I hope that this manga will be a success and even got an anime series someday. I'm really looking forward to it!!!! Thank you for your hard work!!!

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hate hate hate hate hate love triangles, but kinda interested to see where this goes

same but I'm hoping for a poly end only real way to deal with a love triangle

GendoIkari Uploader
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Arrow octopus.

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hate hate hate hate hate love triangles, but kinda interested to see where this goes

same but I'm hoping for a poly end only real way to deal with a love triangle

cheap* way to deal with a love triangle Poly to end a love triangle is like level 0 of imagination, it's "i don't know how to make it the one rejected suffer so i decide that no one loose"

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