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Sheesh people really don't like these types of things huh? Lol

It's almost like when you don't tag that a work has rape people who find rape gross will end up reading it and be unhappy about it.

Today I learned I don't find rape gross. Who knew?

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I think this was supposed to be semi-consensual, but it really needed more evidence of this? Just comes off as weird and rapey

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@majere that is hardly the same as that normally pathetic response. She IS a delinquant who is USED to fighting and beating people up and getting hurt- and the prince probably is NOT- she certainly could EASILY have beat her up- whereas normally obviously rape victims can NOT do that - or are afraid to even try.

And as others have pointed out- she is actually in a relationship with the prince- she is just troubled by her being over the top and doing stuff in public etc. Its not that she doesn't want it at all.

Thank you, don't see how nobody can seem to take the clue, it's not that hard to see, maybe not in all cases, where the rapist is the clearly the stronger and dominant one, or MC is being blackmailed, or there's more than one person/a weapon is involved, or MC is in an unknown location or anything like that, but definitely this one, I'm pretty sure that if she really didn't want to, she could have given her a very good punch to the face and ended her then and there, but hey that's just a little bit of common sense
Edit: In the end both parties seem to really not be bothered too much by it, was this work gross? yeah, was it rape? not really...

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Looks like they've added molestation tag now

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This felt unfinished. Wonder if there will be/is a continuation.

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It's a nope from me.

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Even if this were some sort of strange roleplay (which is iffy because we certainly don't have enough context or evidence to assume that) the pigtail girl certainly didn't ask to watch molester play involving her best friend

Regardless of the relationship between Pudding and Prince, it is super uncool to bring others into your sexual acts without their consent. And I can't believe the number of people claiming that a stronger person can't be raped by a weaker one.
Or that a person would never hang around their abuser or molester after the fact. Not to say that's the relationship they have, but people in the real world certainly do and it isn't always easy for someone to just get out of it.

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I would've like if the best friend character pushed away the molester and maybe declared her own love so that the story ends in some sort of happy way, but I guess we'll just let the molester get whatever she wants instead. :/

That's what I was also hoping to see

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Kinda gross

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Useless delinquents

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No matter whether the author's intent was to make this some sort of consensual tsundere thing or not, the execution was atrocious so it just comes off bad. Also the dialogue was really hard to follow. Hard "no" on this one.

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This felt unfinished. Wonder if there will be/is a continuation.


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KInda funny how it went from respecting boundaries to completely ignoring them going from author's prevous work to this.

And I really liked author's work about the experienced Highscool student and the student.

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Wow. Where were the rape and/or WTF am I reading and or public humiliation tags for this one? Would have been nice to know to skip this crap.

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And don't forget that she was asking for help to that friend at first, it's makes me feel like she looked for someone of her trust to confess that she's being molested, that doesn't feel like a "tsundere thing".

That's what takes it past "bad genre trappings" for me. Chiharu is signalling from the very start that she's uncomfortable with this girl's advances and wants to create distance via going to a trusted third-party for backup.

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I didn't see it that way but I won't deny others how they feel.

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at this point, as a bloody rape survivor, i wanna ask all the people calling this 'rape' if they are survivors too.

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I was expecting Momo x Pudding.. not psycho rapist prince appearing out of nowhere to practically kidnap pudding.
Very uncomfortable to read and just a horrible story. This is like reading one of those shitty shoujo style stories with psycho, rapey stalker MLs just with some utterly horrible attempt at yuri.

Rape tag would be nice.. or some other appropriate tag that conveys the shittery this story devolves to.

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Hard No from me as well. General uncomfortableness especially because Pudding comes to Momo complaining about Prince RIGHT before Prince shows up. Clearly expresses her distaste for the groping, eugh.
I'm surprised why the author brought up Momo's delinquent background without doing anything with it. I surely thought Momo was going to kick Prince's ass

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bad bad
not good

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i wanna know, how is this manga any different than this?

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lol how do you not notice your panties missing..

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i wanna know, how is this manga any different than this?

Cuz in your example those two are implied to be in a relationship, just engaging in a little exhibitionist behavior. This manga has a character that is flat out identified in the story as a known molester, who is doing things to another girl who makes it clear does not want such things to be happening.

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^Read some of my other posts in this thread for why what you said is wrong.

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Absolutely amazing.

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