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joined Oct 21, 2017

Beautiful story.

joined Mar 1, 2018

Heartwarming, Reminds me of sentimental beach side

joined Aug 19, 2019

"You facinate me so I wan't to make love to you" never understood how one can be so direct

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joined Feb 6, 2013

This story made my heart all warm and cozy, like it was buried in sand.

joined Oct 17, 2018

Well that was frickin cute

joined Sep 30, 2019

oh my god this was so cute i loved this

joined Mar 7, 2017

Yes, inject this wholesomeness into my IV

joined May 25, 2014

Adorable, fairly unique.

joined Feb 18, 2015

Love at first drink order...

joined Sep 30, 2019

The spanish is
Still, a fantastic love story.

joined Sep 16, 2017

Me fumo la clase...

joined Jan 20, 2020

Hola, no puedo dejar de hablar español

joined Jun 17, 2018

That "me fumo la clase" is so real.

But yes, the Spanish is a little off. For a moment I though it was Portuguese.

Goggled Anon
joined Oct 15, 2014

I kinda want a Language gap tag. This is fast becoming an aspect of some of my favorite yuri stories.

joined Jun 5, 2016

I too am on board the "tummy" train with our protag~

joined Aug 18, 2015

A bit like a more SFW The sea, you, and the sun.

Or to put it another way: I love this so much. Holy crap. Thank you.

joined May 15, 2020

Her spanish is awful lol lol

joined Nov 23, 2019

This is so adorable!!! And the fact that it takes place in the Philippines makes me happy as well, never thought I'd see it here so I was overjoyed hahah

joined Jul 16, 2017

Even if the spanish sounds like it was made in google translate, with errors like "¿Me despertaste? when it´s supposed to be "¿Te desperté?, the "me fumo la clase" is worth it, really nice

joined Aug 12, 2017

Cute, good thing I can't understand spanish

joined Feb 23, 2016

This was very good! And the spanish very nice touch~ overall this story gets a 9000/10 (⁎⁍̴̆Ɛ⁍̴̆⁎)

joined Dec 15, 2016

El español se nota que lo sacaron de google traductor, es entendible pero me recuerda como cuando un estadounidense quiere hablar español.
It was a nice story the spanish was bad but I really liked this.

joined Jun 1, 2016

Spanish was a little off. it might have been a transition error, but this is such a nice story

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OrangePekoe Staff
joined Mar 20, 2013

So...when’s the OVA coming out? Don’t you dare tell me there isn’t one!

Beach tag is somehow always good?? It’s crazy.

I kinda want a Language gap tag. This is fast becoming an aspect of some of my favorite yuri stories.

Yes, me too. Can you link me some others?

joined Sep 19, 2017

Wow this is beautiful.

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