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I feel like a lot of panels and dialogue is wasted on saying I love you, or I love that person. It's a bit annoying. Feels like there over telling instead of showing.

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They're so cute, what the hell.

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Why is this so adorable?!?!!?
Like I'm going to get diabetes from this shit

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Sweet jesus this is so cute :'3

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Oh that's cute
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lol I'm so used to slow-burn Yuri that this was way too fast progress for me. Is this the end or is there going to be more chapters?

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lol I'm so used to slow-burn Yuri that this was way too fast progress for me. Is this the end or is there going to be more chapters?

Considering that they haven't even explained the dramatic question raised in the first page of the first chapter, I think it's safe to assume there will be more.

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I know this is weird but I can't stand when a series strongly implies a couple had sex, only to reveal they didn't in a later chapter. It's like a cheap trick to reuse that big moment in the couple's relationship. Plus, it makes implying sex harder. I'm almost to the point where if the artist doesn't have at least a NSFW level sex scene then I assume sex didn't happen.

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Agree with johnb. It was a shitty move to reveal they didn't had sex and now just when Haruka was thinking about it, it conveniently happens! And this is used to construct an entire chapter. I'm loving this, but this chapter... I rather pretend I didn't read it. And it happens even after Nao went home after 22h/10pm plus exhausted from practice. Well at least 10/10 for Nao's stamina.

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I feel the same way. It makes me wonder if I somehow read the situation wrong in chapter 2, but looking back the only clue I can find that they didn't have sex is that they were wearing clothes when they woke up in the morning. Other than that, it feels almost like the author just changed her mind so they could have their first time again.

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God, why can't there be more actual happy relationship yuri like this instead of subtext hell or 4 years of will-they-won't-they that ends the moment the relationship starts.

Edit: I agree this chapter was cheap and retconned chapter 2 but I don't even care because I'm drowning in diabetes

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First couple pages I thought this was a mix between Hibike Euphonium and Revue Starlight, the vibes. But reading till chapter 2... hm... not so interesting after all, everything also just happens too fast, that I can‘t really empathise with the characters. I guess I‘ll sit this one out.

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This alighted something in me; I feel like I’m one step closer to finally accepting my sexuality, thank you for this wonderful work.

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I've never been so interested in theater.

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They tricked me!!!!!!

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A really meh chapter... I mostly feel like nothing interesting happened, and I didn't like that out of nowhere the sex scene never happened and they redo it here. It feels like the mangaka had to make a chapter in a hurry, and I would much prefer waiting more to get something as good as the other chapters.

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This is incredibly sweet and wholesome I might cry Bc they are so cute

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Oh sweet Jesus this is so wholesome man

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So sweet

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Gooooosh! No wonder this is among my ongoing favourites!

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So next to mystery, we have also a promise. Nice.

PS: No other yuri manga has such gorgeus art. Period. Every chapter is a feast for my eyes.

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I can drawn this level, maybe should i tried?

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This is very good..

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