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Damn, that was a LOT of saliva! These girls be messy af

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Damn, that was a LOT of saliva! These girls be messy af

I'd say that's juice from the previous chapter but idk

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Damn, that was a LOT of saliva! These girls be messy af

I'd say that's juice from the previous chapter but idk

It is

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Start the threesome already!!

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She’s either going to get bad feels, or it’s about to get really interesting.

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Well, that's not the stare of someone who's considering the pros and cons of being a yandare at all. ...

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No words can describe that feeling when you make eye contact on the last page

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Yandere route when?

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Like I said, "Fuu-sama ga miteiru"! :P

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From now on all Yuri stories shall be threesomes to avoid the drama.

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a bit too late to worry about being seen

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Well damn, they were seen alright.

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^That gave me a good laugh. They surely are target-locked.

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I am hoping they avoid the threesome but I feel like I won't be lucky with that setting.

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Oh, the little surprise in Fuwa's face seeing Yukiko as a succubus was super cute.
I feel a bit sad for Yukiko now that she has to choose between her girlfriend or her childhood friend.
A poly ending would be ideal, but I don't think they will like this idea. Maybe Konomi accepts it because having a permanent food-dispenser can save her time, but Fuwa and Yukiko are a whole different story.

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Oof! It would be kinda strange at this point for Yukiko to suddenly dump Konomi for Fuwa, so I doubt that'll happen and there also haven't been any clear signs that this story will go in a poly direction, so it would seem there is some heatbreak on the horizon. I kinda miss this series not having drama surrounding it, so I guess whatever happens I hope it happens soon.

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oh dang

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And from GoogledAnon's prediction, next chapter could be a smut one. So would it be between Fuwa and Yukiko while Konomi come and witness it, a threesome (low probability but who know) or another Yukiko/Konomi round.

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Threesome aint bad i kinda like it

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I mean, the succubi literally need a human to get energy or whatever from so an exclusive relationship is pretty much out of the question. Poly is the only solution

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What the literal hell are these girls doing to produce that much saliva? It's like they got a water hose hiding in there or something.

This can only end as a threesome.

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Ah yes, the good old magical solution. The cheap poly ending so nobody is left. Yeah no, i'm not sure Fuwa is willing to that at all. Fuwa just want to be the only one, she doesn't want Komini in the relation. Alas, it's easier to do Poly. Never appreciated those kind of love triangle.

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Poly is always the answer. Yes. Yes!

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