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weirdly.............................i love it.

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That is a bullshit excuse plot, but you know what, seems like it'll be fun anyway

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"I'm gonna kiss this girl, but only for the recommendation! I'm not subconsciously gay as a rainbow or anything!"

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As a person who hated school, I say "what a baka"

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This seems promising for drama, but I won't expect too much.
I love the artstyle!

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Lol damn... When I saw the 'Black mail' tag, I didn't realise it'd be double the black mail, it's like 2 for the price of 1! :x

But yeah, keen on seeing what comes next :o

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apt title

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Well, well,

Well, well, well,

Well, well, well, well

Well, well, well, well, WELL!!!

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It kinda felt like the author realized they were running out of pages for this chapter and rushed the whole blackmail setup into the last couple of pages. The art is nice, but hopefully it'll move away from this blackmail thing fairly quickly.

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I'm not really sure what to think about Sora, because the way she reacted to Ayaka coming to her house by immediately opening the front door and immediately showing up to school the next day implies that she has a long standing thing for her, so I can understand her request, I don't condone it, but I understand.

The teacher though.....Oh no baby what is you doing.
Made me laugh though, especially the sniper part. Fucking camper.

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I too would've gone to school if I were able to just go to a girl and kiss her like that.

Made me laugh though, especially the sniper part. Fucking camper.

Hey! Playing sniper is super fun!

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I don't like the teacher.......

Quid... Pro... Quo! Of course in the real world a legion of Fox News pundits would be explaining that Sensei hasn't done anything wrong:

1) Because she didn't break rules.

2) She broke the rules, but so did every other teacher in the same way repeatedly.

3) She broke the rules because it was in Japan's best interest, in building an alliance with the Russians against the Chinese.

4) It's all Honda-sans fault for conspiring with the Bidens.

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hhhhhhhhhhhhh this is super hot , idc if its forced right now or not but it seems like its gonna go down the path of miss ayaka suddenly being thrown into many gay feelings and thats where all the fun starts ;)

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I don't understand the stakes in this blackmail of the teacher recommendation thing, do recommendations from teachers hold a ton of weight in Japan or something?

Getting a reccomendation from a teacher drastically raises your chances to get into the place you want to. Japan doesn't give out praise like that easily.
This is problematic and worth the blackmail, because acquiring such a recommendation in exchange for making a backhanded deal like that would completely ruin the teacher's reputation. So to avoid that the teacher would completely flip the blame back onto the student. That would mean she would receive pressure from both the faculty and the students alike and most likely drop out of school or at least get bullied. No matter which, her career options would sink even lower.

Especially in Japan where image and rules are everything, this is a pretty big deal. Though in this situation the solution is quite simple... deny everything and push the delinquent angle. Who would believe a student that skips school and is a trouble maker, right? Too bad MC is the type that can't handle pressure and come to that conclusion. If this was one of those dark blackmail manga the fact that she already got kissed would be used for even more blackmailing by outing her as a lesbian or something.

Thankfully, the tone of this doesn't suggest that something like that would happen. Although there is something ironic about kissing someone just to out them as gay.

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seeing as how these two went to the same middle school... I wonder if it's gonna be something like Sora always had a secret crush on her or something... she did recognize her right away after all.

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Not the greatest first chapter, but like many others here I'll stay with it for now because of the art.

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onesnowyday posted:

seeing as how these two went to the same middle school... I wonder if it's gonna be something like Sora always had a secret crush on her or something... she did recognize her right away after all.

Yeah that seems to be the case, maybe she thinks that this is the only way to get close to her (maybe it is).

I guess... it depends on what kind of things she ask her to do... I don't think she can beat Hino san

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Seems interesting though Sora just appears out of nowhere. Maybe it's lunch period and she just came then.
I'm gonna take it easy with this one

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ooo yummi

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Yes, oh yes. This is some good shit, it’s like the better version of hino san no baka and gets straight to the yuri shit

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This makes me go hmmmm... I like it. Though I wonder how author-san will keep readers engaged using obvious and overused tropes show in the very first chapter. Also, I hope I get to see the sensei in the coming chapters not just a plot device but a fleshed out character, like what's her deal acting like she's lazy or what.

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I like how all these new yuri series in the first chapter always try to grab people with a random forced kiss. Its been a really reoccurring thing now since citrus.

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main character gets blackmailed by teacher
Oh, is that where the blackmail comes from?

main character also gets blackmailed by other student

DR2 Hajime Hinata
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I like the homeroom teacher lol

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