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Yuri can be defined as anything from "a specific genre of fluffy schoolgirl romance / romantic friendship" to "anything about queer ladies", and nobody agrees on the definition, including yuri writers. Especially in Japan, western readers are more content to just wave at everything and call it yuri.

Point being, just cuz someone says it's not yuri doesn't mean it ain't gay.

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Poor volleyball kouhai. I remember when I just started reading and was like hey, this basketball girl doesn't show up very often but aren't they kinda into each other? That's a way healthier ship, go date the basketball girl!

And since then she's had like, 3 chapters, there's been no further development, she's even losing to the nerdy male childhood friend at this point!

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isn't there a movement to kinda divorce "women's love" works from yuri? I agree here that from this section it sounds like the author doesn't want to be bound to the genre conventions of "yuri" and just write a queer story.

Yeah, there's a big difference between Nettaigyo's "it's not yuri it's friendship" and saying "it's not yuri it's women's love."

Yuri is a pretty amorphous term, but as a genre in Japan it's generally gonna be referring to the sweet, fluffy, non-explicit schoolgirls crushing on schoolgirls style of stories. The kinda stories that might own up to it being love, but aren't ever gonna admit that hey, these two girls are gay and might date other girls in the future. Which is why Yuri is frequently not viewed as that socially disruptive for what seems to outsiders like obviously queer romance - the Japanese mainstream can interpret it as a safe exploration of female romantic feelings as practice for eventually entering adulthood and heterosexuality. A big reason why yuri titles so rarely have male characters at all - because if there were actually eligible boyfriends out there in the story universe than it would be way too queer for girls to be crushing on girls anyway.

So terms like women's love are used mostly by queer female writers who want to write stories that are explicitly queer without that layer of "j/k it's just close friendship bro" that yuri so often has. Saying it's not yuri in that context isn't a nettaigyo situation, it's basically the exact opposite, "it's not about close friendship it's about lesbians."

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Yeah I like fanart of almost all the pairings but Asuka x Tohoku seems like the only one that's intended to be canon. I love how into each other they are, and I hope the stupid popularity polls don't end up making the authors go in a different direction.

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Yes yes, you get to have the last word and then nobody else gets to respond to you as you pretend to be a mod.

/jerk off motion

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The only thing the MC in Octave learned is that semen tastes nasty.

Since that false detail was invented by you, it literally is an example of “headcanon.”

MC says she wants to throw up after giving the dude head. Maybe spend less time writing pages on pages of your analysts and actually try comprehending the stories that you are reading.

She says, "I couldn't help but cough when he ejaculated in my throat."

Nothing whatsoever about throwing up or about "taste."

Anything further you want to say about that series should be in the proper forum.

Octave is about a girl who's spent her whole life in denial that she might be gay, and then suddenly has sex with a woman and really likes it. Which is a lot for her to deal with. So suddenly having sex with Mr. Random Dude was an act of desperation - he seems nice, we'll have sex and it'll fix me and I'll like it and I can still be straight and get married and not have to deal with being gay. It's not great that she did it but it was an act of desperation and despair.

And then she has sex that's supposed to change her life back to how she wants it, and instead her only takeaway is just a sorta dead, emotionless summary of what physically happened and that she didn't like it. And she doesn't try anymore with men.

A single sentence about coughing is a lot more than a single sentence about coughing.

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So... let me get this straight. Her mother walked in on them kissing.... and she still thinks they're just friends? I'm not buying it, she knows what's going on but is playing dumb.

Bigtime asian mother vibe, really.

No I didn't see you kissing that girl - because it never happened. When are you getting a boyfriend again, he had better be a doctor. Never mention that thing that didn't happen.

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Well and it's in response to the editor being like, so, have you accomplished what you wanted to accomplish? And it turns out no, there's one more thing she's been wanting to do, and that's kissing Toda. It's not a chaste kiss, that's why everyone around them is shocked. And it ends with ah! and Mm! because the two of them know each other enough to communicate that way, even if nobody else knows what they communicated.

As far as "why is it suddenly yuri??" like they've been having sexual tension the whole series, which like all of their coworkers have been picking up on forever. And they're both obviously characterized as gay in their backstories. This isnt actually a shocking twist!

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Is... Is it okay for me to interpret the last 2 pages as Tanaka taking her girl friend home and introduce to her parents???

Also, I can't believe that this is the end. Here's to hoping that the author will publish a doujin to continue this.

I mean like, meeting Toda being this major stage of her life is, uhh

A little more than just a professional relationship I should say

Also like, why would she even take Toda with her there if they're supposedly still just friendly coworkers

This manga's reaching almost Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow levels of "it won't admit anything but if it's not gay it doesn't make sense"

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This sounds bad but most of us agree that even if it doesn't end as yuri, it's an enjoyable series with really good moments... BUT if it turns out that any of the two or both get boyfriends after all, I would probably drop it hahaha, it would feel out of place to me after all this time and teasing.

I don't think I would mind Nozomi getting a boyfriend much... but Shino is, like, hella gay, it would just be weird lol

Even if it was Nozomi though, I would only be fine with it if it was at the ending, or if it wasn't a main point of focus in the story (which seems unlikely, given how awkward it would be to introduce someone like that to her former husband's sister...). This is a story about these two and their relationship; even if it doesn't go yuri, I wouldn't want to see it shift from that.

Yeah Nozomi always seemed like, heteronormatively bi. She obviously likes dudes and is also sometimes into women but doesn't quite realize she is. But like she could end up with another guy and be perfectly happy.

If Shino ends up with a boyfriend instead of the volleyball kouhai it would actually be insulting, though. She's just the gayest little thing.

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MahiMahi transcend mere human ideas about love and flirting

They simply are

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Well this chapter sure reads like a queer coming of age for the manga still not openly admitting anything. But like, everybody's telling little Toda about how boys are into boobs and sex and ogling girls, and meanwhile Toda's like.... OK but like, I'm awfully intrigued by these drawings of naked ladies and boobs, what does that mean?

Even her practicing drawing is like, a detailed female figure and then a vague outline of a guy behind her.

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Does this mean she dropped out of high school?

They said that they've been together for a year now, so yeah she's definitely a dropout

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Haha poor Toda

As she's goes from like Haha, oh you scamp, you're not really 23, you should have told me!

To her dawning horror that omg you're not 23, you're -17-!?!

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Their relationship kinda reminds me of Nodame Cantabile. Like at some point we're gonna find out they've actually been having sex off camera for the last 3 months and just not telling anyone, including the audience.

Anyway I really liked the start of the story but the last few chapters focusing on the manga contest wasn't doing a ton for me. Her sister showing up seems like its gonna bring more focus on them as people, which im definitely more interested in

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Wow I’m glad I checked this series out, I’m actually really into this! Idk if the series will end up having any romance between our two leads or not, but regardless I definitely wanna keep up with this one.

There's sure... something there. Like I don't think the manga's focus is on romance, and if it ended without ever saying anything I wouldn't be surprised... But it's also like two women who show no interest in men, living together, and having regular conversations about what they like about female erotica.

Like... it might not be canon gay, but it's sure as hell not canon straight, either.

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A misunderstanding in GL with actual solid grounding? What is this?

Solid grounding, but born from the density and lack of foresight of telling your lady crush that you like a guy :P

The universal truth of useless dorks in love carries on, but I think that's why we're here. They're absurdly cute together.

It's dumb, buuut it' also feels very realistically dumb teenager decision making, instead of a plot twist made to just delay things.

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It does feel like a big shift between the first few chapters and all the later stuff. Remember when the girls were flipping out over their cat island totally-not-a-date? Or when dad was totally setting his daughter up with an excuse to ask her friend out on a date to the festival?

This chapter feels like it's coming the closest to acknowledging things, sort of a mutual realization that they're into each other but the timing just isnt right. It doesn't feel very real to teenage emotions, but at least it's something.

Here's hoping that at least the mangaka gets to do a real yuri once this is over. Even if this one was frequently frustrating the good parts were sooo good

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Dang this art is amazing. And also disgusting!

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I do love Nozomi's expression here of like, "omg I was still coming to terms with the idea that we were flirting and now it turns out Heidi only likes men and I'm the gay one"

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the way I usually think of the tension in this series is like... Imagine I was telling you about a manga about a teenage boy who has to move in with a hot older female semi-relation and lives alone with her. Like even if romance isn't a realistic possibility in the story, you'd still understand there's sort of a low level of sexual tension there for the boy.

That's how Shino has always seemed like she behaves to me. She's not like, in love with Nozomi, that's not their relationship. But there is like that element of discomfort and attraction

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If nothing else nozomi is totally going on a date with a trans lady, and the story's not even really beating around the bush about it. Even shino was picking up on it!

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The early manga, which the anime adapts, has a decent amount of hinting that Tomoko is attracted to girls, and she totally has a crush on her straight friend Yuu (and a lot of her jealousy when Yuu gets a boyfriend is that someone else gets to date Yuu, though Tomoko tells herself it's just because she wants a boyfriend too).

But it's pretty much all subtext early on. Once she gets more friends the subtext gradually turns more and more into just text. Despite the shipping most of her friendships seem intended to be read as just friendships... But Asuka and Tomoko legitimately seem to be flirting and into each other.

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I always wanted this to be gay, but at the same time I always thought shion/nozomi would've been a very unhealthy codependent relationship. So I'm thrilled personally!

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those were such great chapters!! i loved how pancho was alright with them being girlfriends and just overall being so understanding(maybe suspiciously so...?). also huge shoutout to yashiro for helping shima find her girlfriend, that scene was so sweet

Yeah that whole conversation felt like Pancho was asking for herself, not just out of idle curiosity.