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This chapter was by far the creepiest

joined Sep 8, 2019

Itou Hachi is getting closer to jail...

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Oh no this was 100% gross and messed up, and like not in a fun way or anything

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Onee-san is cute! CUTE!

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Ok, Onee-chan is going to go to jail soon.

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did she just say "lover" ? What Japanese term has she been using ? Koibito ? It implies lewd stuff, doesn't it ?

Yes the RAW said 恋人, which is exactly a lover. No implications there.

joined Jul 29, 2017

I'm pretty sure the disturbing part is on purpose. It's funny because it's messed up.


This is, like Itou freakin’ Hachi here.

Bible allows it so we good guys

joined Mar 27, 2018

I love Itou Hachi.

joined May 28, 2012
If she really takes this path, It's probably gunna end with double or murder–suicide and I'm totally fine wth it.

joined Jan 24, 2018

.... Thought I was reading happy sugar life for a second there

joined Oct 26, 2016

This woman is dangerous!

joined May 29, 2019

This woman is dangerous!

Dangerously cute!

joined Jul 8, 2018

I cant decide if I want to be the onee or the loli here! This story is just so cute I dont know how anyone can think it’s creepy or not want to slather cream on a loli

joined May 29, 2019

I believe that Itou self-inserts as the loli

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joined Dec 20, 2018

^I wouldn't even be surprised, must of Itou's work is from the loli's point of view, after all.

joined Sep 20, 2017

classic Itou xD

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To all the guys being creeped out... You do remember that Chapter 1 started with Otone explicitly saying that she and "Onee-san" are dating, right? Hell, Chapter 2 and 3 begin with a profile page after their respective covers that repeats that information. That should've been your cue that they would be doing unambiguously sexual stuff sooner or later.

GendoIkari Uploader
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Yeah, absolutely fun.

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Oh, my God... Itou. This loli is a rabbit willingly going into the wolf's den...

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this is dangerous lol itou hachi my bae why

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Bible allows it so we good guys

I need to borrow whatever bible you've been reading.

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lol the heck i just read, hopefully the FBI doesn't come to me anytime soon

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Yo that was soo creepy at the end xD someone protect this child

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I'm just gonna call this cute to counter all the people calling it creepy.

So yeah, this is cute.

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