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seem promising

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There's something very unsettling about a pink haired girl blushing in grey

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God bless you Stan Miller.

Also, this is sweet so far

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Ok, who is going to eat who?

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Pink IS the lewdest color

Yeah, well Blue is the Warmest Color.

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This is the best use of pink since My Lesbian Experience with Lonliness.

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Pink IS the lewdest color

Someone finally gets it! Pink is indeed the lewdest color.

It is the color of God, thus God is also lewd

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God I love the confident outer appearance, secretly a big gay mess trope. Some people find it cliche, but I think it's pretty humanizing.

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Casually breaking the 4th wall.

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This is escalation at a breathtaking speed.

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Okay this is pretty damn great even if it's also weird as hell. Grey blushing contrasted with pink hair is definitely jarring though.

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Also are we just gonna ignore that the teacher clearly plays a lot of porn games with girls in them?

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Still pretty gay, tho

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Fk yesss my favorite student x teacher yuri

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lewd the pink, lewd the pink!

also pink haired girls can be a touch yandere too

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Hehehe( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i like where this is going

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But she didn't make her prove that it's her natural hair color...

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Still pretty gay, tho

What part of this teacher doesn't scream "barely repressed homosexual" to you?

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Pink IS the lewdest color

Someone finally gets it! Pink is indeed the lewdest color.

It is the color of God, thus God is also lewd

God is the biggest pervert I know.

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The title reminds me of the song “Pretty In Pink” - Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her, that opens with the verse;

‘She’s pretty on the inside
She’s pretty on the outside
She’s pretty on the ball-size’

Do with that information as you will.

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I guess we're doing the "act cool, but embarrassed on the inside" gag.

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That face in the last panel... Pink-haired girl is having some "Gay Panic" there.

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