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joined Sep 21, 2016

Feels abrupt but such a good read!

joined Feb 18, 2018

Im glad that this have a happy ending,, even after the gender reveals by kanda, surprisingly they still continue their relationship and move on,, I like this better than the depressed drama.,.

joined Feb 19, 2021

i swear this was the best coming out scene ive seen in a manga haha

joined May 23, 2015

When do we get that yaoi version of this with Kanda's brother?

joined Apr 6, 2021

I really liked this series, but it feels like the ending came out of nowhere. Did the series get the axe or something? The two main characters had great chemistry and it feels like there was a lot more story to be told (like the conservative parents for example). If the author decided to leave the series to do a yaoi side series, I’d be pretty disappointed honestly. Either way, I’m happy enough with what we got.

joined Jan 15, 2020

Just reread this all in one night and seriously it feels like it was cut toooo short. I would’ve loved for her parents to meet Kanda chan and see how that goes!

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