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Fortune teller: You will have girl troubles
Shima: I am a girl.
F Teller: Did I stutter?

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So excited for Adachi mental breakdown

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looking forward to the new chapter <3

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Beautiful, that was just what I was looking for. The obsession really comes out in the text walls.

It's finally here. Wonderfully done.

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Jesus Adachi, you need to chill tf out.

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Oh jesus

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I know because the novel keeps going that this isn't the end but it's pretty hard to imagine surviving a self destruction of that magnitude.

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My poor Adachi... crying with her.
and it's still only the beginning, right? It can't be resolved by magic in the next chapter or even a volume right?
I'm so afraid.

The scene was really a perfection.

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Yikes what a gut punch of a chapter...

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So they converted seven pages of mental breakdown into twenty six word bubbles. I'm impressed. I admittedly don't follow the manga too much cause I just don't read manga based on Light Novels that I read anymore, but man I just had to know how this scene was going to play out. It doesn't have quite the same level of "jesus fuck Adachi" as the Light Novel, but it still hits hella hard.

Now if only the anime would get another season so we could see it there.

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Wasn't sure if the manga would do justice to the mental breakdown scene but damn, they really went and slayed it.

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Ah, it finally reached this magnificent yet painful part.

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I've haven't read the LNs up to this part. jeez. i feel so bad for adachi. get that girl in therapy asap. if i was shimamura i think i'd be afraid of adachi at this point.

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I need to vent out. If you like Adachi, dont read from here on. To those rare people who googled "I hate Adachi", know that I exist, we are not alone.

I strongly dislike Adachi, I know she is a teenager, but still, my god, the level of toxicity of that girl. She is so overbearing, clingy and petty. I really like Shimamura, her character kept me going on, I wish I'd know the rest of Shimamura's story. Unfortunately, Adachi exists. Good that Adachi at least knows how suffocating and unbearable she is. Yet, knowing it doesn't excuse her from proceding to act like a suffocating and unbearable person. As reverse Devi's mom would say: Adachi, you are too much, and you are never enough. Try therapy. And no, the Adachi's mom relationship doesn't move me, I feel 0 empathy, her personality is a train wreck. Shimamura, you deserve better.

I feel better now.

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sees chapter shimamura's sword
Sigh, let's see Adachi breakdown again.

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i think it is pretty clear adachi has a disability which is not being managed since she isn't receiving any support from her family or care from medical professionals.

yes this behavior sucks, but she is trying her best. she just doesn't know how to cope because she hasn't been taught how.

even with care she may continue to experience breakdowns like this, but she could learn to manage them and could also communicate with those close to her to understand how to support her when she is struggling.

both my partner and i struggle with some serious mental health issues.

when i was younger i also behaved pretty poorly, and i know other neurodivergent people who have had episodes pretty similar to the one adachi had here. it is something that takes a lot of time and effort to work through, and will likely always be around, just managed better.

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Both characters can be read as having some level of neurodivergency, it's one of the aspects I really like about this series. Though it can make for a really anxious read too.

While Adachi has trouble with emotional management, Shimamura has aspects of being on the other side of the spectrum where she doesn't always connect or process emotion. Which is part of why she feels she has trouble maintaining connections. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if she simply tuned out what Adachi was saying after a point. Her response of "You're just rambling and it's a pain to deal with" would certainly indicate that.

Was definitely a hard read though, wow.

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Reading all of this was beyond worth it. Bless to the translations team.

"What a pain" is crazy but absolutely understandable

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Adachi puking at the end is the icing on the cake.

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each chapter this manga gets worse : /

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This was incredibly uncomfortable jfc. Especially as someone who can relate to adachi there, the guilt of letting it out but also being unable to contain it past a point and that answer from shimamura, probs would've puked too. And I don't blame Shimamura becaus Ive also answered like that before.
I hope the atmosphere clears out after a few chapters after this, the oppressive feeling throughout this manga and it blowing up totally here, it'd be unfortunate to return to the previous status. Doubt the situation will resolve in a chapter, but once it does a slight tone shift would be nice

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Oh goodness gracious. Adachi loves Shimamura this friggin much my head swirling with all these words omg

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