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I’ll just laugh about the fart.

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in the previous chapter she burped and now farting..... what will be next

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Not classy, but classic.

More than you might think. Quoth TVTropes:

The oldest recorded joke in the world is recorded on a Sumerian tablet from c. 1900 BCE.
It's a fart joke.

Shou's hitting the real classics here. (There's incidentally also an "ur mum" joke from about 1500 BCE...)

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So she just had some gas?

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Haha it was just gas, I thought she had diarrhea cramps or something

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Lol, I love these nonsense chapters.

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Damn, and here I thought fart jokes couldn't be elegantly set up.

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Aria go brrrrr brr brrrrrr

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but hey! at least she got that out of the way, and Ichika got to see her in a swimsuit and helping to 'massage' her . ^|||^

also, Takagi and the Sakuya can't shoot straight.

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filler chapter, but it was a great laugh nonetheless

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LMAO! From all the badass looking but failed rifle shots to Aria farting - gawd I love this manga xD

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I was afraid her gut was gonna give in and she'd shit when she was being massaged

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I was afraid her gut was gonna give in and she'd shit when she was being massaged

Didn't think of that with the massage, but when the kid ran into her stomach...

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What the frick xD

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All that build up I thought it was going to be something super serious but it turned out to be a fart lol

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Ladies fart too. We're just more self conscious about it than the other sex.

Also never hold it in like Aria did, it just makes it worse.

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That's what we call her now

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That's what we call her now

The Queen of Farts.


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I love how the comments on this manga started with people being apprehensive of the artist because of their previous works and then here everyone is laughing at a fart joke

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I also love how all the vampire politics and infighting seems to go over Ichika’s head until she hears that he isn’t into girls. Man, Ichika is pretty great.

She will be disappointed, though, since Arthur seems to be bi. His first scene is him sucking blood from a woman he was obviously in the middle of having sex with, and in the next chapter he casually has sex with the female Gika agent.

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OoooOOo also vampire politics

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I’m fairly certain she wasn’t in love with the grandma right? So I wonder what’s going on with aria and what happened between them.

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Interesting - it seems that Aria has some sort of memory problems. IIRC that was already hinted at earlier with her apparently not remembering Khara at all, but this chapter seems to help support that idea, considering the implication that she and Ichika's grandma used to be close.

Speaking of which, Aria's (possible) memory problems make me wonder just how close she and Ichika's grandma used to be. Before it seemed that Ichika was her first kiss, indicating that Aria went further with Ichika than anyone else, but now it's a bit unclear...

Of course, I could just be reading too much into this.

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