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You know I remember stopping following this series when it was first coming out in English, it just didn't seem that interesting. Now I've taken the time to read it properly all the way to the end, I think I was better off thinking it was a harem Utena clone (harems are just something I'm not too into). :-/

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Whoaaaaa ending changed. HATED the previous one. This one ain't that bad but kinda off. I mean I don't think Tsuki would say yes after being knocked out and left for 10 years. .

you forget, this is the same girl who wrote a whole freaking game program as complicated as exclan just so she could keep sora locked in her own idea of paradise for forever lol.

rereading this again, and these posts, i have to say i can't help but like this manga lol. i mean yea the whole message it gives sucks, but it's just a manga, created to entertain, and it entertained lol. as obsessive and crazy as tsuki is, i liked that sora ended up with her. although my other option would be koharu (lol i bet she's a beast in bed XD) but for their own reasons i liked yuki or reiko as well. of course if we are talking about people in real life yea i'd be like woah sora is dumb as shit for continuing to love someone who not only as a child lied and practically forced her step father to abuse her, but also gouged a guy's eye out and scarred the girl she likes' forehead. and there'd be no way that the girls who were abused so horribly would forgive their torturers. But hey good thing this is fantasy manga land lol, and i can kinda see what the author was trying to do, with the way that karin and his father wanted to let their followers die in peace. because like the story says, everyone can walk their own path and have their own paradise, that it's their right. and for the old men, being so chauvinistic like that is THEIR path, and they had the right to live it peacefully and happily. they knew it was wrong but that was the way they were brought up, and they couldn't help being the way they were maybe. which of course again, in real life is utter cow balls (get it, utter~) but in a world were everything is perfect and everyone is completely open minded, e.g. manga land, i can understand that.

I agree with this. I did take the story seriously, how it tackled sensitive topics that do happen in real life. It has made me realize and more aware of issues that you know, shouldn't even exist. This manga has made me cry more than once 'cause I reread it quite a few times and reality hit me so hard. Going on a lighter topic, I liked the ending how Sora still ended up with Tsuki. I don't know but Tsuki just seemed to appeal to me as Sora's partner, I guess. But I liked Yuki's overall character at best! Really, Yuki should appreciate herself more! And I love Reiko! She's gorgeous and adorable and strong and kind, really I could go on and on. I really just love her! Her croissant shaped hair or as Tomoko would refer to it "poop", really I'm glad Sumita took care of her. Anyways, all of them we're nice girls and anyone ending up with Sora would be good. Overall, FOR ME, a mere reader I think the story was well told. I read the whole thing without a stop other than to wipe a few tears. It had me hooked. Well, I guess it can hook you into being angry at just about anything that is wrong about our cruel world or just the real cool uniforms and weapons as well as beautiful ladies! Again, this is just me talking but if you will take this story really really seriously it might not be of your best interest.

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I have very mixed feelings about the plot

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I wrote an unnecessarily long paragraph about this manga but eh. The ending had me going Yikes Yikes Yikes multiple times but it was still an interesting read.

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Reread this a bit....

For a manga so teasing us on yuri harem. It also having the worst forced het ending ever.

Yes, sure Sora got the happy yuri ending. But the way every other girl turn straight was terrible

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Yes, sure Sora got the happy yuri ending. But the way every other girl turn straight was terrible

Shitsurakuen wasn't bad to me. The art was great and the story was pretty good. I mean just because a manga doesn't go the way you wanted it to, doesn't mean it was shit.

Felt the same way about the girls turning straight.

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I re-read it now after all these years and I gotta say that I loved it now!! the previous times I read this I hated how the guys were forgiven, seems I didn't understand anything at all!! It's pretty lovely, best manga ever :3

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I remember reading it when i introduced to yuri genre.

This made me question if yuri genre is even worth reading. But thank god, i found Dynasty-scans and found far better story and characters.

I saw this manga being in list of top 10 worst yuri manga of all on many site with lot of yuri fans saying that this manga is trash and waste of time.

And i have to say "More truer were never said before".

I pity the souls who had accidentally read this manga in hope of good yuri.

Now before anybody jump on me, I have to say it's my opinion. End of story.

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This is an odd manga. It has a lot of issues, most notably how even the ones who were legitimately abusive were given justification and forgiven with no strings attached, and I wouldn't say the ending is what would really be the best outcome but it was fairly well written and despite the issues I enjoyed the read. Can't say I particularly like Tsuki or most of the male characters with the exception of Karin and Sumita I think his name was. (Also dog-chan's sisters guy was okayish but I definitely think he went way too far.)

Yuki's ending makes sense in context and Reiko's seemed really obvious, at least to me from the beginning. Koharu really deserved to end up with Sora far more than Tuski though. She was written well enough that the story had me guessing at her intentions up until they were revealed but she's honestly just not a good person at all.

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story had a nice concept and idea for plottwist/how to show 'gray morality', but took bad enivornment for it and executed it less than badly. i tried to enjoy the ride, but the end, when girls forgave their opressors was cringey, to put it slightly

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Am i the only one who minds that het is still a thing on this website? Wtf!? This isn't even a good story, its total bullshit

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It's never been an exclusively yuri site. The first manga Dynasty did was Pastel (anybody remember that?). They have never promised an entirely yuri site.

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Oldcityguy posted:

It's never been an exclusively yuri site. The first manga Dynasty did was Pastel (anybody remember that?). They have never promised an entirely yuri site.

It's not like it's difficult to avoid non-yuri mangas anyways seeing as they tend to be tagged as het or yaoi.

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It's never been an exclusively yuri site. The first manga Dynasty did was Pastel (anybody remember that?). They have never promised an entirely yuri site.

I'll be honest, I don't remember Pastel. Way before my time. But we've got some pretty old het stuff on here anyway.

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This is one of the worst yuri manga ever. Shit is ridiculous.

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Can somebody explain what the whole "apple" and "seal" nonsense was? The conclusion was just "okay, Tsuki and Sora met again, everything's good now"

Also the whole "Karin told Sora everything but she forgot because it was a lot to take in, but then she remembered it in a dream"? Like WOW that's uhhh definitely some quality storytelling right there

Honestly, this series was incredibly disappointing. On top of the 3deep5me symbolism, constant references to literature that only exists in the manga, and janky storytelling (like the whole dream thing), at first I was like "oh wow a story that's about an analogy to misogynistic violence" and then very quickly it shifted to "abusers are suffering too!" Fuuuuck offffffff

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Reread this a bit....

For a manga so teasing us on yuri harem. It also having the worst forced het ending ever.

Yes, sure Sora got the happy yuri ending. But the way every other girl turn straight was terrible

Wait wait, no one turned straight. No one turned to anything. The first girl Sora saved and the girl with the short sword, both are still in love with Sora and even joked about having a four-way/three-way with her.
The blonde tsundere, its never stated that she actually got with the tall council guy, but who cares if they did, maybe he really did like her thats why he released her to Sora.
Then the crazy kid, Shoujou?, i think only got along with short sword girl afterwards because he felt for El the same way she did for Sora.
The small girl, the youngest, supported the psycho getting with her sister and told him he'd be watching her.
The puppy girl and the gay dude, had a heart to heart.
And Sora and Tsuki ended up together as was intended, we all knew it was gonna happened.
Nowhere in this manga is there even a straight pair, if there is, I MISSED IT. but, no one was TURNED STRAIGHT, thats for damn sure.

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Reread this in one sitting. Reading it, and just reading, was entertaining af. But after finishing it and having the time to actually think about it, it's confusing and badly-executed. I don't think the guys should have been forgiven that easily. Well. Back to my own world where it's a harem end and everyone have lots of hot lesbian lewd hand holding every night.

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This manga is underrated, but the ending and weird fairy tale story wasn't executed well. I wonder what it would be like as an anime tho? ;)

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Excellent story. It's just not about shipping at all. It's about fear of society and about world not being black and white. The morale was deeper but I can't in English)

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I should have listened to those who said the ending was bad before I started reading this.

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Reading this, and imagining a system like this makes me really mad. How would it even be legal, and if it was nobody would send their children (girls and guys) here.

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