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call forth the name of the great and powerful elder spell:

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Yeah, I think this story really is carried by its moment-to-moment quality and how you get invested in the drama and suffering of the characters. Couldn’t put it down, had a lot of fun.

As far as the wider implications of the plot—I felt like it could have told two equally good messages here: 1) about the solidarity of women and the ways we chose to live in and cope with a misogynistic society, with an uplifting message about our power to defend each other and to help each other escape abusive situations, or 2) a story about how misogyny harms everyone to some degree, and how working against it should be motivated by compassion and healing and not hatred. Unfortunately I feel like those got tangled in an irreconcilable way, and turned in to misogyny apologism, and the poise plot threads were tied together in a super sus way. Really sloppy story planning made interesting by the drama and character moments—really doesn’t feel like it was planned. I kinda liked it and kinda hated it. Very unusual.

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Should I even read this I mean making everyone Yuri and turning them straight at the end is a SIN!
I mean really, God pukes on your grave and sends you straight to hell if you even think about including this so... FUCK THIS AUTHOR NO I WON'T!!!

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