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this was really upsetting to read, kinda reminds me of old yuri where yhe girls have to suffer before they find even a shred of happiness

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Whoaaaaa ending changed. HATED the previous one. This one ain't that bad but kinda off. I mean I don't think Tsuki would say yes after being knocked out and left for 10 years. .

you forget, this is the same girl who wrote a whole freaking game program as complicated as exclan just so she could keep sora locked in her own idea of paradise for forever lol.

rereading this again, and these posts, i have to say i can't help but like this manga lol. i mean yea the whole message it gives sucks, but it's just a manga, created to entertain, and it entertained lol. as obsessive and crazy as tsuki is, i liked that sora ended up with her. although my other option would be koharu (lol i bet she's a beast in bed XD) but for their own reasons i liked yuki or reiko as well. of course if we are talking about people in real life yea i'd be like woah sora is dumb as shit for continuing to love someone who not only as a child lied and practically forced her step father to abuse her, but also gouged a guy's eye out and scarred the girl she likes' forehead. and there'd be no way that the girls who were abused so horribly would forgive their torturers. But hey good thing this is fantasy manga land lol, and i can kinda see what the author was trying to do, with the way that karin and his father wanted to let their followers die in peace. because like the story says, everyone can walk their own path and have their own paradise, that it's their right. and for the old men, being so chauvinistic like that is THEIR path, and they had the right to live it peacefully and happily. they knew it was wrong but that was the way they were brought up, and they couldn't help being the way they were maybe. which of course again, in real life is utter cow balls (get it, utter~) but in a world were everything is perfect and everyone is completely open minded, e.g. manga land, i can understand that.

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This is so cool. I love it :DD

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I love the story as a whole but the ending seemed rushed didn't it? I'm still confused as to who is the bad guy and good guy

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sigh Poor Koharu.. She loved Sora so dearly :'(

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what to say..
i guess i would liked school days ending for this series.

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This story started off really promising. Like many have mentioned, I don't mind so much the girls forgiving the guys if they were to forgive for their sake, not for the guys' sake. Even if the boys were forced into this world, they could have taken the path Sumita and Akane took. And then to rub salt into the wound by making most of them lovers??? Anywho, I love Yuri as much as any other Yuri lover, but the wedding ending does not make up for all the chapters after 19. And although I knew Soma was going to go for Tsuki by the 5th chapter, I really feel bad for Koharu and Yuki. I sensed Koharu's love from the beginning and thought she was going to end up with her. I thought there would be a triangle between Koharu and Yuki until I realized otherwise. It would have made more sense if Tsuki was featured in the story more. This author really killed the ending for me and I don't see myself rereading this.

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So, the ending is fixed? I just remember hating the last one so much that I didn't touch it ever again. But if it's fixed, I might give it another shot.

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The only thing that I enjoyed in this manga is Koharu's perverted fantasize about Sora

Chapter 24 turned things around a bit, but the ending to the main story was atrocious.

The pseudo-yuri part was fine and I understand that. Women traditionally form deeper connections to begin with and when abused that connection can become even deeper and stronger even bordering on romantic; this is a real thing. What is terrible about the ending it that it basically gives a free pass to those men who assault women or domestically abuse their wives. The men in the story turned it around, blamed the women for judging them, and cast off their own responsibility for their actions by blaming an institution holding it responsible for their behavior. This manga also paints a disturbingly accurate picture of how women get stuck in abusive relationships and glorifies it in favor of the abusers.

I understand forgiving someone who has committed a terrible act, but I also believe that there are unforgivable acts and those include physical and sexual abuse of women. Now, someone more forgiving than I could forgive the men in the story, but forgiveness does not include absolution which the male characters were given unconditionally.

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So I've just finishing re-reading the whole series and the main thing that kept bothering me was, that over time Sora began to look more and more like a man (I think it was around volume 3 where the author decided to decrease her breast size and make her look more flat chested). I get that she'll a tomboy and suppose to represent the Knight and all but this is a Shoujo Ai!!!

At least have her look somewhat feminine!!! I mean even at the end in chapter 24 when they show Sora 10 years later and in the wedding photo, she look like she became trans-gender man! but that manga was one of the best shoujo ai mangas ever.

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this manga need bad end.

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WTF I had never read Utena until now... but it's not similar to this IT'S EXACTLY THE SAME!!!!! >:|

Shitsuraken ripped off Utena, though,

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Say what you will about this manga, you can't deny the uniform is terrific.

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Say what you will about this manga, you can't deny the uniform is terrific.


This manga is special to me. The ending affected me in a way no other has before.

It made me make a list entirely for manga's with horrible endings which must me fixed. I call it job for my word processor.

The first ending was Satan.

The revision ending was worse than Satan, because it teased that Satan would be fixed. But it didn't. It made Satan worse. It tried to take away the last bad guy in the series. By the end, the author seems to think there are no bad guys, but how, in this setting can there be no one to root against? When I go back now, I see this oppressive organisation abusing girls and a dude shouting 'RELATIVISM!' at me.

As someone who is an absolute relativist, I realise there are some places where it shouldn't be displayed. here is one. This kind of fiction needs a villain. Well motivated villains are good, but don't do it to the point of complete absolution. It ruins the narrative.

I swear this post was only two lines long in my head.

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I ship Sora and all the girls.... this should have ended with a yuri harem! But if Koharu asked Sora to commit bigamy, she should be able to say yes. Those girls must be protected after all.

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It's been a while since I've read this all the way through.. this is such a strange series I've always had mixed feelings about. I guess though.. overall I liked it. I guess I'm an easy going enough person I can enjoy stuff like this fully without thinking too deeply about it. I think what I really liked about it was it tried to be something I've personally wanted in more yuri series- a plot. I get tired of the same school girl shenanigans over and over.. and I mean yeah technically this is still school girls but at least it tried to be different. It's so hard to find a yuri series that isn't just subtext or fanservice that also has a good plot, and this was.. well... close I guess.

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I see the point that the guys got off way too easily, but to me that isn't the point of this manga. Both the guys and Tsuki needed to commit those horrible crimes for there to be any kind of point in this.
To me it shows that the story is about two things, forgiveness and redemption.
The writer is showing us that in order to bridge some of the differences between the sexes and between victim and perpetrator sometimes a overwhelming amount of sympathy and forgiveness is needed. The guys could in most cases not forgive themselves, and Tsuki will need more time and Sora's support to even understand why she was wrong.
The girls are showing the guys here exactly what Sora was trying to do overall, you cannot attain anything by revenge, even if Karin essentially achieved what he wanted by letting Tsuki create the game, he wasn't a violent person himself.
In her final battle Sora herself took the bullets on the blade, hurting Yuki. She understood the meaning of being strong and sacrificing for the greater good and Yuki herself also learned this when she told her to save herself.

Do i think all of this is rather silly and could have been made a lot better be revising the story before it was written. Of course. But to me this is a damn good story with a satisfying ending and great art. Good amount of comedy, enough yuri to satisfy.

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I both love and really hate this manga.

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having forced my self to read this to the end i think it would of bin better if when Sora found out why this game was crated she went on a killing spree taking out all the student council Tsuki and all the Iwahijiri fan boys.

but on a serious note you get to see the student council guys sort of showing remorse for what thay did but what happens with the rest of the male students? did the student council make a public announcement the next morning with some think like this (to all the boys in the school the last 3 years or so where just a messed up game and form now on you must not physically mentally of sexually abuse any of the girls now and you must show remorse for what you did oki and to all the girls who where beaten raped and mentally and physically scared for life it's oki now but dont for get to say your sorry to the boys cus it's not really there fault thay did them things to you oki)

and i cant help but feel that if the young EL got some psychiatric help for the young Tsuki when he saw what was going on with her and her father and tolled his own father to stop being a pussy and man up and tell the followers of Iwahijiri (hay guys i really like girls and dont think thay should be treated like crap unlike you caveman brained morons) this would of bin a better read some how.

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the way i saw the end was that sora spent 10 years in a harem and came to conquer the last girl or something like that, at least by the choice of words sora uses to propose i guess

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I think the Yuri in this manga is a bit forced. As if the author doesn't like Yuri at all and is only including it because he want to catch that audience.

As happened with Saint Seiya, this universe has a lot of possibilities that remains unexplored by the author. Having these characters and setting we can go a lot more deep with the Yuri, for example, without needed hentai nor ecchi. Considering this is tagged as Yuri, it's a pity the author didn't go deeper there.

Don't misunderstand me, I liked It. And I can tolerate that ending. I would fix some details, like:

1- 10 years, seriously? What was Sora doing? Conquering the world? Learning proper English (It's harder for the Japanese)?

2- So EL was a good guy. The final boss was Shoujou, still tolerable, maybe with a more epic battle considering we won't have any other.

3- They aren't clear in what relationship the girls have with the guys at the end. We assume they are married but nobody said It explicitly.

4- Sora suddenly has romantic interests in Tsuki when no hint on this interest is given before nor even about Sora preferring girls. Hiyo, Koharu and Reiko, in that order, are more Yuri than Sora.

5- Not all male characters were properly "cleaned" and this is in my opinion the worst flaw in the story because It impacts believability so hard that you have to put a lot of yourself to pretend you don't care and enjoy the rest of the story:

Togyu has no sense as character. You act insane to convince everybody you are in favor of male domination? Because he looks like enjoying It for the most part. Also that girl legs that appears in a panel when Reiko was passed on to Togyu, looks like something "sexual" was happening there. But then the real Togyu, when his mask was broken, didn't look like a person capable of that, this is then reaffirmed when he wants to convince Hiyo that there wasn't any intimacy between him and Hiyo's sister. But then what were those legs and Reiko scared face? My point is that they didn't properly cleaned this character as they did with the others.

If nothing sexual was happening at Togyu's bedroom then the author should clarify it in a later chapter. If it was sexual then at least they could told us that it was consensual (masochist girls exist).

Koharu's previous owner wasn't properly cleaned either. His abuse was going sexual too, or at least that is how it looks in the first chapters. And that last conversation with Koharu when he said that she always does a lot of noise when he want to take the weapon from her didn't convince me that that was what was happening in the first chapters although I think the author was trying to convince us of that in the last chapters.

Again, I liked this manga, there are worse mangas out there, just being fair, OK?

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Wow. The last volume and the ending is a one big mess. What a waste.

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i came back here for reiko (and the uniforms)

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Even though I know they were trying to make a happy ending- fuck those guys. D:< They abused girls, molested 'em and shit, and then get a, "It's okay... you didn't mean it." Even though they lied to Sora a billion times, fucked her over, and took them a damn good while to show any remorse, grah.

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