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Chocomint discourse aside (it's the best and definitely not toothpaste) this is totally one of those chapters that shows just how far they've come without the entire chapter having to make it the "point". This chapter is about ice cream, sure - but we get more or less unabashed spoon sharing/indirect kissing (Hino even points pour how comfortable Koguma is to that point that she doesn't notice it) and cheek licking that just bear-ly has a compliant given.

I wonder when the next major "dramatic"/romantic arc will be. At this point, the exam arc has been done for a while.

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Koguma has good taste. So does Hino.

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Koguma has good taste. So does Hino.

Not necessarily just about ice cream either.

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Koguma has good taste. So does Hino.

Pretty sure that if you asked them about each other, they'd come to find that they don't only have good taste, but also taste good to eachother. Nom.

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Surprisingly revealing chapter - Hino totally, unequivocally knows what she wants but she is also hopeless, thinking that Koguma doesn't "get it". And Koguma definitely seems to want Hino to be happy and to make that happen (her being happy), but also doesn't totally seem to get all of the romantic overtones (at least not all the time) or she thinks that Hino just doesn't get serious about these things.

I really, really just want some kind of confirmation, even if it's not til the very end of the series, that these two realize they are in love with one another.

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OMG I love this but please just kiss already

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too much flirting

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You can't blame her for trying.

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pats Hino on the back You'll get that kiss soon enough.

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Sooo close.

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Mission failed. We'll get 'em next time.

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I this point it's impossible for they to say that they are not into each other.

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The bashful flirting is too much for me, my diabetus is in overdrive

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Ahhhhh cuuuuuteeee

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Yes... yes... absolutely. Yes.

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They're making great progress. Keep it up Hino and Koguma!

Was this series always tagged as yuri? I feel like I remember it being tagged subtext before.

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HAAAA my heart! This is what i want

Anime freaking when?!

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well she tried.

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Koguma you dummy.

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Wow, can't believe she pulled a blackface just like that...!
(I'm joking don't hurt meeeeee)

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This gave me diabetes and I love it

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Now Hino just needs her clown nose and her clown hair lol.

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