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joined Mar 24, 2021

Basically a post-scarcity scenario. Can't help but feel it'll all come crashing down since we aren't allowed to have nice things, but who knows, maybe for once ... ? Naw.

In a world where anything’s possible, who knows? Maybe we can have nice things.

joined Aug 16, 2014

It's not fair! I wanna live in that utopia!

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Aahhh cuteee I love Gardener chan~ so glad to see her again.

joined Mar 21, 2019

The white endless void kinda makes me uncomfortable. It reminds me a lot of the end of Girls' Last Tour.

joined Jul 23, 2017

This one never daily to be a trip

joined Jun 29, 2020

That was a sweet chapter. I'm glad the Gardener is doing okay.

joined Sep 23, 2021

interesting that the gardener mentioned naughty kids who put strange objects on their heads. it implies that people in the simulation were able to effect it before what sis did, though perhaps only subconsciously. i wonder if this was the source of all the weirdness that existed even before

joined Nov 3, 2018

I love that the fried egg got so far detached from Majime's head it took a while for it to catch up and smacked her.

joined Dec 20, 2018

I love that the fried egg got so far detached from Majime's head it took a while for it to catch up and smacked her.

Favorite moment there, yes. :D

joined Dec 22, 2021

So ultimately, they're just gonna ignore the disappearing of neighbourhood town. That seems like an important clue toward whatever is happening. Well, aside from "It's all simulation~"

The factory manifesting from people's subconscious is quite something. So, if a large group of people imagine one person to disappear, they can DO exactly that? Jesus

joined Jul 23, 2017

Well... just a casual zombie apocalipse, I guess

joined Aug 12, 2021

love this chapter, Shimeji being completely non-plussed about zombies but freaking out the moment it starts talking and turns things into a social situation, while Majime gets bit and Shimeji just instantly goes "welp time to kill you" no hesitation.

And of course the reveal that this zombie apocalypse is entirely just happening because people have been really into horror lately and their imagination shapes the world around them now so that happens I guess. I love this series

joined Mar 21, 2019

Heh, the long cat reminds me of the "cat" from Girls' Last Tour.

joined May 27, 2019

That was definitely a reference to The Mist in there

joined Apr 11, 2016

That was the weirdest LARP session ever. Of all time.
And I just love the classmates that somehow analyze shows and movies to the deepest metalevel.

joined Apr 29, 2019

Dark Souls

Looking East
joined Jul 19, 2018

This remains one of my all time favorites.

joined Feb 17, 2019

Ah, yes, the worst enemy of humanity... Crabs. Burn them, burn them now!

joined Mar 4, 2018

A scutum does seem like a good place to start. Properly employed it is a bone breaker.

joined Jun 8, 2022

Their little "date" was really cute. It is also nice to see Shimeji starting to have fun and getting a lot more closer with Majime and accepting their relationship together.

joined Mar 3, 2022

Wow I love this series, it’s just endlessly creätive. It’s a bit sad that Shimeji always looks depressed though.

joined Apr 11, 2016

So, uh, anyone else went back and see if the cactus was present in any previous chapter?

joined Jun 27, 2015

As usual, tkmiz has that way of making me feel uneasy and content at the same time.

joined May 24, 2022

This is now one of my top 5 favorite manga!
The absurd world after the change is a magnification of the absurd world before, which itself was just a reflection of the absurd world we live in.
This is probably the most satisfying post-scarcity story I've seen. Other narratives I've seen deal with it too shallowly ("oh wow, everything is so nice!" or "without COMPETITION all action is WITHOUT MEANING, as the point of life is WINNING"), or it's not the focus (star trek).
This manga also has this ever-present feeling of frankness. The world is strange, but people and relationships are genuine and real. On two back-to-back occasions though, we see characters fail at this: chapter 30 page 178 where Shimeji's sis was treated poorly because she's different and a few pages before that when the Gardener and Sis' opposing beliefs butt heads. I think those two moments contrast with the tone of the rest of the manga the most. It's late now though, so I'll leave my thoughts till later, after some more chapters have come out probably. I'll be pondering and considering until then.

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