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Reminds me of that "the world of moral reversal" manga

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Feminists won, i guess.

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Honestly this would be such a terrifying situation to find yourself in. Half the world is gone and no one cares. In fact you are the only one who even seems to remember that the missing half even existed. All the people you knew and loved are now acting completely different. I'd be scared shitless personally.

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I suppose it depends on what your definition of normal and abnormal are. Is being abnormal bad? Take genetic mutations like heterochromia for example. It’s safe to say that it isn’t normal, but does that mean it’s bad? Only 4.5% of adult Americans identity as lgbt, with over 95% of the country being heterosexual, is it really wrong to say being heterosexual is “the norm”? And then you have to take into consideration how Japanese society values uniformity. I don’t think it’s surprising that Japanese people would have a stronger sense of normalcy. As long as someone doesn’t start equating being abnormal or different as bad or wrong just simply for the fact that it’s different, I think it’s fine.

ah, see, i think it's important to not confuse something being normal with something being common. heterochromia is uncommon, but i would say that it is normal — and the same goes for being gay, bi, pan, etc. etc.

but "is being abnormal bad" is a great question, and one that i hope this series engages with! because often, discussions over what's normal or abnormal are actually about what's good or bad. and i could talk about the material ways in which the assumption that heterosexuality is more 'normal' harms lgbtq+ people, but i'm kinda tired, so i'll just link the wikipedia page on heteronormativity, since it does a good job of explaining it.

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What a cute art

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I would be ok with suddenly ceasing to exist if this is the world that my death could create.

I think I would rather have my existence changed to a girl and join this world than suddenly cease living...

Joining the yuriness rather than just getting to watch from the great beyond sounds preferable.

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Listen, the premise is nice and all. But that girl apparently brought a porno mag to school....

Sheesh, for a lesbian, she’s got more balls than I do...

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Norainhere posted:

Maybe instead of the entire world magically changing overnight, it's a case where she ended up in an alternate universe where males disappeared ages ago?

Same thing to me. Her world 1 day magically changed into alternative universe. She still could be only person affected/unaffected.

I agree - unless this is just all in a coma or something naff, my guess would be something easier to explain than the entire world changing. They said there used to be boys long ago - so a possibility is waking up in the future somehow, or the aforementioned slipped into an alt universe thing.

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Hmmm... It sure is a universe where no man dared to step on before! Especially in this story, because they are already dead. XD XD XD

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Poor girl's about to get a taste of the yuri infirmary trope

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404: Men Not Found has never been more appropriately used

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This is the most accurate portrayal of Heaven I have seen in my life, I'm loving it!

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i wanna live here

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The reckoning but like with gay girls

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Hegemony. The word y'all are looking for is hegemony. Normal is subjective and relative, a theme that may or may not be explored, bildungsroman pending.

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This story is some high level horror. No one remembers their brothers and fathers just getting snuffed out of existence with a snap of the fingers, imagine if one of your parents died and suddenly you have no memories of that person ever existing.

½ of humanity got snuffed out of existence over night and no one bats an eye, except for MC...

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I want more amore

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wow, you really gotta hand it to this author. it's not everyday you see a story whose characters are almost all gay that still manages to be so annoyingly heteronormative

and from the comedy framing, it doesn't look likely that the protagonist's idea of "normal" will be challenged, either... eugh.

With how much emphasis was put on her "normal", I'm convinced that the main story of the manga will be about MC being cured from heteronormativity

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I would be ok with suddenly ceasing to exist if this is the world that my death could create.

Yuridanshi-kun here.

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I'll gladly take your place MC if you're unhappy

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I guess Thanos is a Yuri fan

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This would solve all of my life's problems if it would turn me into a girl on top of the universe swap/time travel.

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There's a lot of things that rub me the wrong way with this plot and MC, but I guess I will just endure it and see if it gets better, or not, in which case I will just move along.

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