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I cried.

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Down with the sickness forever

and so the ouroboros consumes its own tail

joined Oct 30, 2018

So good... but I don't want it to over damn it! It's too goooooooood

Ugh, now I'm gonna be sad for the rest of the evening

joined Apr 19, 2014

This series was so well written, I hope some of you who also read to the end credits, went to and support the artist!

joined Aug 23, 2018

im crying this series meant a lot to me and to see it finished so well...

joined Mar 21, 2019

And with that we're at the last station.

That was a damn good read. I'm so glad that this does have an official English release. Hopefully it's not too long before all of that releases cause I really want to reread it all physically.

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Best I've read in quite some time. I'll certainly be looking out for more of Akashi's work in the future.

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Aww that was nice. :D

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I’m so sad this ended.. this alone with Lily ended and I’m sad. This was honestly really good I loved their relationship they’re so cute together. Love seeing them do domestic girlfriend things ahhh I’m going to miss this and them

joined Oct 26, 2016

Damn! Is that an actual good ending to a yuri serialization? What a rare treat!
This series was so good. This is going high on my list of favorites.

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I don't really cry at endings, infact It's more of a bittersweet feeling, seeing everyone get through it together and live a happy fulfilling life afterwards actually makes me more happy than upset, but the epilogue at the end was a real teark jerker for some reason, I have nothing to say, what a great fucking read.

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Down with the sickness forever


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That's all?
I need more of the lovey dovey stuff

joined Jul 10, 2018

Would've liked to get a bit more closure with Maekawa's family drama but its still a great ending either way, glad they're just together and happy.

joined Oct 13, 2014

its over... im gonna go cry now

joined Feb 25, 2018

What a great series, I loved it

joined Aug 31, 2014

Became one of my favorites right away for being so attached to reality and deal with adult stuff. I already ordered my physical volumes: D

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Great series, finally binge read the whole thing. Enjoyed every second of it! Looking forward to what this artist has in mind for the future :)

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a really lovely series with characters that felt relatably human. i loved the sense of humor and i appreciated how maekawa and shimizu communicate - even in the last ch the, "i don't feel like sexy times i just want to chat and cuddle" stands out to me as a really sweet moment, in a series with quite a few... i'll miss this... watching out for whatever Akashi does next; definitely a favorite.

thanks as well to sexy akiba detectives, whose translations have always been smoothly done and engaging. literally the only hesitation i'd have re:buying this in english is missing out on their particular translation.

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I don’t want it to end!! Nooooo!
That aside, I do like the way they chose to end it. It was a really good story, and this was a perfect way to finish it.

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love <3 thnks for the ending

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Cuddling ending

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Aw... The ending puts a smile on my face but makes me cry knowing the manga ended ;v;

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Wait my hwart is not ready for that epilogue hnghhhhhh
Edit: Really sweet and pure. This manga belongs to a place in our hearts...

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This makes me so happy

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