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Very sweet and enjoyable.

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We need some Al's POV, if she's as perverted as she says, I want to see her thoughts, the romance would make more sense too.

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Seriously... Just text? In a manga site? So this means that someone can write a cliche story in ms word, put a couple of draws in it and then it qualifies as manga? We've hit a new low...

It has been mentioned before but I'll bring it up again: there have been LNs on this site for YEARS. Also this is a LN, not a manga.

Which brings me to point #2: this site has never limited its content to just yuri manga. That is merely the primary focus. Maybe explore the directory some. Lots of good, old works on here that don't involve two girls being gay.

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Chapter numba 2........ I can’t wait fer moar

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Mhyeah, the trash factor is still going stronk with this one ^^

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This writer does better at the sfw scenes than the nsfw LOL all those "Ahh!" x10 seems so unnecessary when they could just describe how it looks like... then again I don't read LN's that much, it might be some LN thing that I don't know ;-;

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This writer does better at the sfw scenes than the nsfw LOL all those "Ahh!" x10 seems so unnecessary when they could just describe how it looks like... then again I don't read LN's that much, it might be some LN thing that I don't know ;-;

Gotta agree somewhat on this.

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Here are the pdf and epub files:

The epub is still experimental, and I'd very much appreciate if you could point out any mistakes or errors you notice so that I can continue improving it. Same goes for the text itself too, of course. And yes, the first chapter should be updated too if possible.

Thanks! I'm going to read this ASAP

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I like the story and LN format makes a nice change.

The only thing with this (and it's just a little picky thing, and possibly English vs American English (?)) is the way the past tense is expressed; for example "shined" is often used as opposed to "shone".

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“I-I don’t think size it all that matters...!”
Haha, look at her! Look at the chestlet and laugh!

Good chapter. I like it when they're arguing, it's funny.

Marion Diabolito
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Can someone tell me what this manga is about?

Here are the pdf and epub files:

Thanks so much for that! I love light novels, and i've even read a couple in japanese paperback form. the image form is harder to read somehow.

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I know I posted something on this before but in all seriousness...Is there a hard copy of this book and where can I buy it?

Sweet Dangus McGee
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I don't mind that this is a book as so much, but I do mind that it's not a very well written one. Aw well.

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wow this is super sex

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Like a lot of others here, the sex scenes aren't my favorite parts of this LN, but it's good, so as long as I get some romance and adventure along the way, it'll be just fine.

Also, @ForFoxSake
It is available (at least) on Amazon, but you can probably find it in other sites as well.

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It's really sweet! I like it a lot! Thanks a bunch!
Maybe we could have a little bit more of this kind of LN? It's a really nice change!
(And it makes me look smart to read this, I'm the only one who read English in my family)

But really if we could have a bit more of the same it would be nice!
Thanks again for the hard work!

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Enjoying it thus far! Quite the cute couple, especially their playful arguments.

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Thanks for the chapter and for picking this up! I found a new yuri novel to read!!!! And I enjoyed it so much!!!!!!!! Hope for more!!!!!!

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I just finished reading the second chapter (sorry for the late response!), the epub file was fine I didn't notice any formatting issues, thought when I open it with sigil (my epub editor) I get the following error messages

File                  Line  Offset                  Message
part0012.html    4     N/A     Can not nest a "p" tag inside another "p" tag. near column 145
part0005.html    4     N/A     Can not nest a "p" tag inside another "p" tag. near column 124

However my reader renders the file without errors, aside from that detail it was good, definitely the most comfortable way to read long text, thank you again!

Moving on I liked chapter 2 even better, their building relationship and mutual trust was nice to see

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Thought this was very cute. I hope the yuri keeps deepening because there are some good directions to go in.

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Going back to the actual novel, people there must be very afraid of anything magic-related. None of 3 suitors for the princess thought "a cat is fine too", or even more mundane "we can consummate during the day too".

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...or even more mundane "we can consummate during the day too".

The excuse might be that they'd worry she'd still turn into a cat afterwards, mucking up any prospective pregnancy, which presumably would be the "goal" for nobility.

But I agree that it's basically all rubbish. Those marriages would be for political reasons anyway, so whatever advantages they'd hoped for couldn't have possibly been so slim that anyone cared what the prospective husbands thought of marrying a sometimes-cat. They wouldn't have more say about this than she had. ^^

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Prospective husbands, and their kingly fathers, most likely thought: "Get this witchcraft out of our country now!" before they could weight any pros and contras of having to deal with this curse of hers. Quite possibly, they didn't get to the stage of finding excuses for keeping her.

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I've read some of the previous comments and pretty much agree with the fact this LN is kinda cliche and has some flaws every now and then. However, I personally like how cute the story is. It may be bland and full of tropes, but it doesn't change the fact that it was written to be a cute story, and I almost always fall for that, therefore, I enjoy this.

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Very hot

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