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I think it was ok for what it is, an enjoyable ecchi/hentai with vanilla romance.

however I'm not a fan of the ending, I was expecting older nana to return to her original timeline and then working the courage to confess to seto and date her, like a "return to your own world and fix things there" kind of ending.

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I want to read this, but is there any way we could get an eBook (epub) version like Sneikkimies does?

I get why is uploaded like this, since dynasty is a manga reader, but reading text on an image is just... well I'll keep it to myself lol

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Well yeah, I forgot about that (chapter 12 published in Sep 6, 2019 almost a year ago!) , here is the particular panel
I agree this dude is a pest, incapable of getting a clue, but this is not "pretty conclusive", Miwa is wasted and anyone could've taken this as drunk talk, the other Kan guy, never liked him, I recall him coming across as your typical douchebag, but regardless of him, I think our persistent dude showed romantic interest for Miwa since the beginning, she definitely notices and had plenty of time and opportunities to set him straight and reject him clearly but she didn't, anyway I should not be discussing this further cause it's been a long time between updates and I haven't re-read it so there could be other details I'm not remembering.

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That dickhead dude could relax a bit imho

I thought so at first too, but maybe he is genuinely annoyed at Miwa behavior, I mean, he knows that Miwa has a GF so he see it as Miwa taking advantage of the other guy and leading him on, she doesn't even have to say she has a GF or disclosing her private life, she just have to tell the guy to back off, not gonna happen.

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I love how their first thought was their adult life together instead of the "you want me to marry a man" trope.

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I don't know about this one, I thought It seemed interesting but then after the crossdressing guy found his friend is still in love with him he keep making fun at him, that's so scummy, you don't just make fun of someone who is heartbroken.
Makes me not want to read anymore, maybe this just rubbed me the wrong way...

Wait this is the same author from Nanashi no Asterism, yeah I think I'm dropping this one if it doesn't improve soon, not gonna go through the same clusterfuck again.

I don't know If I'm imagining this, but this smile could express sadness somehow.
If the author decides to put some drama in this manga, It would start right there...

I hope this is the case, if he's putting a front to hide some past trauma then his attitude could be understandable.

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Great start, looking forward the next chapter.

is it just me or the hero costume looks a lot like nirvash (Eureka Seven)?

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I don't think the author intent is to take the hitting seriously, It feels like it want to be a gag (like here) but most mangas switch the drawing style to highlight the comedy, it doesn't really work here with the serious style.

It really feels inappropriate to make jokes about smacking each other, when the first half of the manga was about abusive relationships.

^Also this.

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Loving this first chapter.

I feel the struggle too as a male yuri fan, I can't really talk about it with my friends because they think "two women uh, pervy huehuehue" and women think "ugh pervert", so I just better shut my mouth.

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I just finished reading the second chapter (sorry for the late response!), the epub file was fine I didn't notice any formatting issues, thought when I open it with sigil (my epub editor) I get the following error messages

File                  Line  Offset                  Message
part0012.html    4     N/A     Can not nest a "p" tag inside another "p" tag. near column 145
part0005.html    4     N/A     Can not nest a "p" tag inside another "p" tag. near column 124

However my reader renders the file without errors, aside from that detail it was good, definitely the most comfortable way to read long text, thank you again!

Moving on I liked chapter 2 even better, their building relationship and mutual trust was nice to see

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Here are the pdf and epub files:

The epub is still experimental, and I'd very much appreciate if you could point out any mistakes or errors you notice so that I can continue improving it. Same goes for the text itself too, of course. And yes, the first chapter should be updated too if possible.

Thanks! I'm going to read this ASAP

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm currently investigating ways to import as epub, and if everything goes as planned I'll have that version available alongside the pdf starting from next chapter.

thanks a lot, me and my eyes will be very grateful

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So.. any way we could get this as an .epub?

Yay! I'm not the only one, I thought the world was going crazy. Reading full text from an image is goddamn awful, and pdf is not much better.

So.. any way we could get this as an .epub?

No idea what that is, but there is a PDF linked in the Sadpanda version.

An epub is a file format designed to distribute electronic publications, usually books (e-books), the bigger advantage is that the content is dynamically styled and can adapt to different screen sizes, pretty much like a web page, in fact it uses html tags and css, and is much more light on resources than pdf.

Because of that I made an epub version for anyone who cares
mega link
install a decent epub reader, my recommendation is moon reader on android (and put that next page animation to apple real page or something like that for that real book feeling), and compare the experience of reading epub to the pdf version.

I took the pdf version and used an online converter but I had to do a lot of manual corrections since the automatic conversion isn't perfect, I tried to respect the original formatting of the pdf and used the png images from here for better quality, also corrected a typo (page 11 "Expect for Rem").

If the translators are going to keep this project please consider releasing an epub version too, I wouldn't mind doing it myself is just that reading the whole thing in search for fuckups of the converter is really annoying especially for a work already done before.

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