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joined Sep 18, 2016

I am intrigued

Also this series has really great art.

joined Jan 18, 2017

This is really wierd, i like it.

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The art just kind of creeped me out. I like the MC, but I think I'll skip this one.

joined Jul 26, 2016

Whoa, this is going down all kinds of rabbit holes right from the start. Looks like it's gonna be some trip.

joined Jan 18, 2016

This first chapter got me pretty excited.

joined May 10, 2013

Its perfect
Pure gold!

joined Apr 3, 2016

Interesting start, I like this so far.

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Is this that Jo Jo thing people talk about these days?

Well I'm a serious note I'm impressed!!! this is so INTENSE!! lol and as for the credit page, you can vote for this manga as The Next Big Thing! and there's Hana ni Arashi too!! here so please vote XP and leave one for the yakuza husband (you have 3 votes)

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Indeed, wtf am i reading. But nonetheless interesting!

joined Aug 18, 2015

This had me completely enthralled, starting riiiiiiight around page one. It's visually stunning and more, and I would love to see it all translated! The wtf am I reading tag had me expecting something completely different, but it surprised me in a way I could never have foreseen. Thanks so much for scanlating this!

joined Nov 8, 2017

This is really weird, but also nice. xD

joined Jun 19, 2016

You know what I'm into it.

Let's see where this goes.

joined Oct 16, 2013

Pacing a bit weird, but I'm interested in the contemporary dance premise. I hope MC doesn't actually lose a shit ton of weight and becomes another pretty, skinny protagonist.

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So she weighs 136 lbs.? What the fuck is she a midget or something?

joined Mar 5, 2016

holy shit, this is going 100% right out of the gates. if it can follow up on such an intense first chapter it'll be a modern classic.

joined Oct 10, 2016

So she weighs 136 lbs.? What the fuck is she a midget or something?

Wait, I need to calculate (being metric kid sucks).
61 kg.

joined Nov 29, 2012

The premise is goofy, but the art sells it, for sure. Excited for more!

joined Mar 28, 2015

Color me interested.

I think it'll prove to be really intense.

joined Oct 25, 2011

Yeah, I'm sold so far.

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This entire chapter reminded me of Handsome Squidward for some reason

Yuki Kitsune
joined Jan 31, 2015

Why does this feel like it must be the school Chio-chan attends?

joined Dec 4, 2016

I likee this shonen. She'll get gorgeous and get the girl, my expectation.

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So she weighs 136 lbs.? What the fuck is she a midget or something?

Wait, I need to calculate (being metric kid sucks).
61 kg.

Page 36 skinny = 47 kilo
Page 37 our girl must lose 25 kilos to get to 47

So: 47 + 25 = 72 kilos, not 61 so she weighs... 158 pounds... pretty chubby for her height I guess.

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