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Everything must come to an end. The best we can do is enjoy every moment of it and do the best we could

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My heart. It was so short and sweet but it hurts. I love it.
I wished Stretch ended short and good like this unlike the shit we had to eat.
Imagine waiting for the update every agonizing day, seeking for that sweet yuri at the end and then you got a baseball to the balls. Yes, I'm still angry after all these years.

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Well, that escalated from every indication of a classic light-hearted school
girl scenario to one of the deepest and most affecting commentaries
on love and life I've ever consumed.

Made me cry. This is so good!

Homura E.N.D
joined Nov 14, 2015

At least they had a happy life

joined Jan 27, 2016

Damm Ninjas cutting onions again

joined Jun 12, 2017

I'm not crying, you're crying!

joined Jun 30, 2016

Damn that was hard, im at least gland that they had a very happy live together until the end.

joined Nov 13, 2017

Ok.. Just let me lay down a bit and cry for a few hours and I'll be fine T.T

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i could just tell that everyone's crying

joined Feb 10, 2016

I couldn't just tell that this was gonna be such a tear-jerker

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Definitely not tragedy. Would a Feels Train tag give too much away?

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(;﹏;) really nice and short im a big man but this stuff gets to me man

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i reread this and that thing that broke me this time was that i noticed that they had both planned and proposed to each other at the same time. Where in the world can i ever get a love like that ;;-;

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How so few pages can contain so many feels?

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

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This was beautifull.

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Well this went from lovely to bittersweet real fast. Enjoyed it though.

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This was a really quick wild ride. One moment i'm like "This is cute, i love it" and the next i'm like "why?"
Good stuff.

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Death of a loved one? Check
Death of a old person? Check
Opening of the valves of the tears actived and achieved.
I am just too oversensible to that kind of stuff...

Short story, intense feelings indeed

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So beautiful but the feels mehn its just too much .˚‧º·(ฅдฅ。)‧º·˚.

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Guiness Record for the Shortest Feels Trip.

Titanic needed 3 hours.
This made people cry in just 4 pages.


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Depressing as fuck

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Short but INCREDIBLY sweet~ Nothing wrong with that

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I rate this story at four tears and a quivery smile. Every time.

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I thought fiction supposed to be entertaining us?
WHY? WHY!!!?

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