ForumNews SSamba, author of Fluttering Feelings, has passed away.

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Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, those of you anxious to see the continuing story of Fluttering Feelings will no doubt be saddened to learn that the author has passed away from cancer. News of her illness sprang up when the indefinite hiatus begun two years ago in a blog post after she had already undertaken steps to combat the cancer.
You may read a translation of her obituary at Halmoni's tumblr.

Thank you all for your very fervent discussions on our forum, IRC, and discord. And thank you SSamba for your compelling stories.

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Rest in peace, Ssamba.

Fluttering Feelings was the first manhwa I ever read, which eventually got me into reading more. I loved Norae, and her story with Seol-a.

You shall be missed.

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;_; as soon as I saw the name ssamba I was afraid of that it wouldn't be good news. I enjoyed her work, not just for the LGBT content, but for the characters who were very fleshed out and had a genuine quality to them.

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This is so sudden, I can't even process this fully right now. I'll probably write something more coherent later but for now I'll just write this.
Rest in peace, Ssamba. Thank you for everything you've done for us.

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Rest in peace, I didn't read this one but still is a big loss

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I read the news earlier and I still can't really believe it.. I knew she had talked about it previously but I didn't think she had it so bad that it had shorten, and eventually end her life so soon.. sigh Fucking cancer..

Rest well Ssamba, we'll all miss you and will think about you when ever we see your comic. You will be cherish and remembered in the minds and hearts of every fan.

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look for good way to donate to cancer research. would like some help.

Edit: living in Canada

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I am so damn heartbroken. Ssamba was such a beautiful and inspiring artist. She had a bright career a head of her only to be cut off by cancer...

I am going to miss her and her story so deeply. But even if she is gone, her legacy will forever live on.

Ssamba, wherever you are out there, I hope you are happier. You didn't deserve an ending like this, so let's hope you have a fresh new beginning elsewhere. I adore you and your work. This isn't goodbye...

See you soon.

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Oh my... this is surprising and quite upsetting.

Ssamba, the world will be a darker place without you. Hopefully the happiness you've given to so many will help us make it shine some day.

Thank you, and may you rest in peace.

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This is heartbreaking. Rest In Peace Ssamba, you were one talented artist.

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I heard the news earlier, its such a shame and especially for someone at such a young age of 33 as well.

She is someone who will be missed by many.

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Fuck cancer.

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R.I.P SSamba..Thank you for being a part of my life...shit, I'm crying river right now..

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I was too afraid to search for news in case this already happened but now I can't run away anymore.
Rest in peace and thank you for your beautiful work. You will be greatly missed.

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Rest in Peace Ssamba, thank you for the beautiful art and story. We will miss you

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Love her work so much, one of the few manhwa that don't have too much drama or sex scene in it, was hoping that she will recover, but every party has an end, rest well Ssamba

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Though your life ended way too soon, you brought joy to so many people through your works... You won't be forgotten, and thank you.

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Damn... Too many people are dying of cancer. Very sad.

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Thats really sad... Rest in peace Ssamba... You and your beautiful story won't be forgotten..
We will miss you. And thank you.

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My Dad lost his 2 year fight with cancer just 3 month ago. All I can say is - Fuck cancer!

I hadn't heard why there had been no updates on the story - and had been looking forward to reading the rest one day.
It was a very good story - and I bet we would have had numerous great stories from her in the years to come but for this :(

Too sad.

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Rest in peace to her, cancer is a bitch. ;_;7

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fuck cancer taking people from our lives

rest in peace ssamba hope you meet my mom where people go for good and bitch about how much a pain in the neck cancer was

all the love~

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May she rest in peace , i really loved her manhwa and was impatiently waiting everyday for an update , this shatters my heart . I hope she's in a better place right now <3

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My heart goes out to her friends and family who no doubt struggled along with her. Cancer is shit and no-one deserves to endure it. I donated some money to my local research hospital in her name.

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Fuck, that's sudden. And sad.
Never been a fan of FF, but it was a step forward for manhwa and yuri in general. At least her suffering is over.

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